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Raw Goats Milk

Does raw goats milk have the same benefits as raw cows milk?
my neighbor gave me 3/4 gallon of milk from his goat this morning, it tastes fine… Thoughts?

People say it’s supposed to be digested better than cow’s milk, not sure how much truth that holds. When I worked at a healthfoods store, I believe raw goat’s milk had 1 or 2 g of protein less and maybe a bit more carbs.

Either way, as long as the goat isn’t sick or anything, you should be fine.

Thanks, I figured it was perfectly safe. I’m happy its free

Yes, it’s safe, as long as the farmer has reasonably hygenic conditions. Goat’s milk stays in the stomach only 20 minutes for digestion. Much more digestible than cow’s milk. Consider yourself FORTUNATE to have such a source. Be really, really nice to your neighbor, he’s doing you a BIG favor!

I only drink pure cambodian breast milk.

[quote]baretta wrote:
I only drink pure cambodian breast milk.[/quote]

This is my prefrence as well but I lost my source, oh well