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Raw Garlic Preworkout?


I have been having raw garlic with jam on toast at night to help keep disease at bay, and maybe live forever. I have noticed it gave me a real boost so I tried having some of it in my preworkout snacks. It actually works great. I know it contains B vitamins which could explain the increase in energy and well being. I find its way more effective than taking any B vitamin or orderless garlic supplement though.

The down side is I don't think I am gonna be making new friends in the gym anytime soon as my breath reeks. Oh well I am in the gym to push heavy weights from A to B not talk shop!

I was wondering if anyone else has tried raw garlic preworkout with any success? In my mind its just as good as caffeine.


Have you noticed your gym clearing out around where you are at all times?


Haha this sounds exactly like something my Italian father would do. He's a complete garlic fanatic and believes it boosts strength (among many other benefits.)


...and THAT'S how you free up the squat rack.


Hah no but I did breath heavy whilst on a treadmill at peak time, and I could hear the woman next to me mumbling something in a slightly grumpy manner. She was also doing that nasal breathing we all do wen you can smell something bad and are assessing if its a fart (or that could just be me).


Apparently garlic has been shown to increase testerone levels in rats.
If you cook it in some beetrot soup , it will get rid of the bad smell of garlic.
I haven't used it preworkout but I may try it soon.


Garlic might improve testosterone levels, according to an animal study conducted by researchers from Kobe Women's University in Japan. They discovered that rats adhering to a high protein diet with garlic powder for 28 days experienced increases in testosterone levels. Scientists found that diallyldisulfide, a compound found in garlic, stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone and enhances the production of testosterone in the testes. Their findings were reported in the August 2001 issue of the "Journal of Nutrition."

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/394007-foods-that-increase-low-testosterone-levels/#ixzz1TL9jq28n


If it feels good, do it. Just don't apply this to other facets of life, like drug experimentation or fat girls... ...


Swallow the garlic in chunks and don't chew it? Be better on your breath. I think garlic has its benifits.


i usually start taking garlic capsuls around september (The first week of school, I work at a middle school, a cold and flu factory). If you pay a little more money, they are odorless. I don't know how they compare to the raw bulb though....



I eat cloves daily when i have a cold. Here is some priceless advice; i should charge money for it. Roughly, equal amounts of parsley neutralizes the odor. Eat the two together.


I know this is a thread about garlic pre workout but am i the only one who noticed the OP having jam on toast before bed?! Sorry Op but you're going to have to help me understand the health benefits to that??

I'm quite interested...


Ah how very observant and diligent of you. Thank you for noticing. The jam and toast (exactly 2.5 grams) before bed has been scientifically proven to increase fast twitch fiber composition in the sternocleidomastoid. Studies carried out in the south east region of Uzbekistan showed that this greatly improved the squat of bonobo monkeys.




i heard they went from 3 to 5 bushels of bananas a side, raw