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Raw Female Powerlifter Training Log


Hey everyone! I have been on and off of this forum for the last couple years going back and forth between powerlifting and fitness competitions and I have finally decided to stick to powerlifting. For real this time. I decided I wanted to try and lift in the Arnold next year so I had to compete in a USAPL meet in order to go to USAPL Nationals in hopes of getting an invite to the AC.

I did my first meet with the APF in Nov 09 but didnt get a good bench lift so I ended up DQd. I started training heavy again in November of this past year and competed last weekend at the USAPL Texas State meet in San Antonio. Here were my lifts: (BTW i lifted@145 in the 148wt class in the raw division)
Squat: 259 good, 281.5 good, 291.5 miss
Bench: 121.5 good, 132 good, 148.5 miss
Deadlift: 308 good, 321 good, 341 good

So I ended up breaking the State&American records for my squat, the State record for my deadlift and the State and American record for my total. I was just hoping to complete this meet so I am super pumped that it went so well!

With my renewed enthusiasm I am now going to keep a training journal here and at the website of the gym I workout at. Its called Innervated Systems (or I/Systems) and it is in Carrollton, TX. Seriously, this place is awesome. I will probably post some videos at some point and you guys can see.

Raw Nationals are in August. But for the next 6 weeks I am actually in "get super hot and shredded" mode because I have a couple photo shoots at the end of May. So, I am going to let my body "recover" from the max out lifting and kick up the intensity. I have a couple random and not so random goals that I am trying to accomplish in addition to everything else.
1. maintain my strength while losing some body fat (i want to drop about 10lbs to get to 135)
2. be able to do 100 pushups in a row (<---this is a random one) I just think it would be badass to be able to do it. that and imagine what great shape ill get into just getting to that goal.
3. get awesome at wide grip dead hang pullups. i discovered last week that I can do 1 with perfect form and I was SO psyched!! that and i think it is SUPER impressive when a chick can do wide grip pullups

Sorry this was so long and wordy. Any advice you guys can give me for any of these things is always appreciated!


So here is the beginning of my workout journal: I want to train a minimum of 4 days a week. I will do squats/leg train, bench/upper body, deadlift/hamstrings, and a conditioning day. If i want to do cardio on the extra days I will but I am not forcing myself to. Yesterday was my first squat/leg day since my meet. It was an awesome workout!
Squats: Warm up 135x10, 185x8, Working Sets: 6 sets of 225x4 (2min rest b/w sets) (it felt pretty heavy for 225, so i stayed there and did low reps)
Single Leg Stiff Leg Deadlift: 4 sets of 8- 30, 40, 40, 40
Plyo Lunges: 4 sets of 10with 50lbs
(on a smith machine, lunges then drive your back leg upto your chest)
Hip Thrusters: 4 sets 95lbsx12
superset with
(Really) High Step Up: 4 sets BWx10

My legs and ass were quivering when I was done and it was glorious! Lol!


Talk about starting with a bang! Break state and national records?

I shall be following along.


Strong lifts, good work.


Your really strong! (but you know that) I'll be following


The gents ^^ are too respectful and polite, but I'm not... you're the definition of hawt.

I will definetely follow. Awesome numbers and awesome goals (yes and yes to the 100 push-ups and wide pull-ups)


Oh my...I am going to enjoy this...


I'll follow too :slightly_smiling: only because of the wide grip pull ups challenge.

Great start with the legs. Nice way to hammer them.

I've also replied to your other thread :slightly_smiling:


strong work! Congrats on your meet..

I love how your 'get hot,' goal include push ups and pull ups and not endless minutes on a cardio machine!!


It will be fun to witness your prgress in strength :slight_smile:
Do you have a special workout set-up aiming for the meets? And do you only train the lifts once per week?

Keep up the good work girl :slight_smile: It's so cool to see girls in this sport :slight_smile:


I saw that thank you! Only because of the pullups tho huh? :wink:-


Lol I HATE cardio! I do about 20-30 min post workout but I listen to music that I wont allow myself to listen to unless its for cardio. That way I bribe myself to do it. I am also going to implement some sprinting at some point.


I only train each lift once per week and I alternate between squats and deadlifts only going "heavy" on one per week other wise my recovery isnt as good. I used powerlifting training to actually lose weight over the last few months so I had t be careful not to restrict too many calories or "work too hard" and burn myself out. But it worked pretty well. These next 6 weeks are just a change up so I can let my body rest from the max out lifting and get a little leaner.

BENCH DAY!!!! Ill let u know how it goes!!!


Are you shooting for certain numbers come your meet in August?



So yesterday was my bench/upper body. I was really rushed for time so I did bench more conventionally than powerlifting style. I also was able to do TWO wide grip pullups from a dead hang in a row! Last week i could only do 1! (These little things bring me so much joy hahahhaha)

Wide Grip Pull ups: 5x 2 1 min rest
Bench Press: after warm up 6 sets of 4 95, 105, 115, 105, 105, 105
Neutral Grip Pullups: 5x2 1 min rest
Pushups: 5x10

It was actually an awesome workout and my upperbody is still torched :slight_smile:


Well I do have some numbers I would LOVE to get to but IDK if the time I will have to train is enough. I would be super pumped if I could do a 315 squat (I have done this 1 time in the gym 2 months ago) 175 bench (the national record is 170) and I would love to pull over a 400 lb deadlift. (i just want to see 4 plates on each side of my bar I think that would qualify me for badass status)


That would most definitely qualify you for badass status!


Awesome stuff! Glad to see such a strong pursuit of strength!
Will be following, hope your 'recomp' goes well and you get tat AC invitational :slight_smile:


Lame! J/K, I get it.

I'll be following along, good luck in your training and dominating records!


No JK about it, totally lame.

Seriously though, keep up the good work.