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Raw Eggs


Anyone know if there are any health risks when it comes to consuming raw eggs? I like to put them in my protein shakes.Thanks,Tim.


I believe that the dominant opinion is that they don't absorb as well as cooked eggs due, because an enzyme in the egg white binds it?

There's also the concern of salmonella.


If you are so inclined, I would suggest egg-beaters over raw real eggs. While the chances are small, I wouldn't want to catch any type of food poisoning.


Avidin is a protein in abundance in raw eggs, in its native form (raw) it binds biotin (one of the B vitamins). Once denatured, its harmless. Unless you eat eggs exclusively and in abundance and/or have some sort of B defficiency, this shouldn't be a huge deal.

As for salmonella, many egg producers nowadays irradiate their eggs to kill the bacteria. So the issue with salmonella is more like E. coli or hepatitus in that the food itslef isn't infected so much as the people working with it aren't the most sanitary. I wouldn't say you can consume raw eggs with impunity, but odds are the average person is safe.

Given a balanced diet and good general health, raw eggs shouldn't be a problem for most.


I put organic raw eggs in my shakes too.Good stuff.I don't think it's gonna kill you as long as you're healthy.


I had the worst case of food poisoning in September of this year from raw eggs. I could not eat much more than crackers for a week and a half. I was too weak to work out for 2 1/2 weeks. I lost a little over 10 lbs. which I have not yet re-gained.
I will never eat raw eggs again.