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raw eggs

some people say it is bad to use raw eggs, so how can i use them in shakes?

According to Berardi in an old T-mag article, you can only utilize about half the protein in raw eggs. So it’s a waste.

You run the risk of getting salmonella. Salmonella is no fun, and will definitely throw your training schedule off.

The risk is low, however, proper food handling techniques will minimize the risk. Infected hens lay contaminated eggs.

Personally, even though the risk is low, I’d probably cook them. They taste better and you can eliminate the risk of Salmonella.

Just get those egg whites in containers at the market instead of using raw eggs.

This is from “Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid”

Just remember that despite how buff Rocky was, raw eggs suck, and we?re not talking about salmonella poisoning (although that risk does still exist to some extent despite improvements made by egg distributors over the last few years). According to a study found by John Berardi, the body can only utilize about half of the protein found in raw egg products. So not only are you risking getting sick, you?re wasting your money. Lesson: Cook your eggs!

Where is the article where Berardi mentions the raw vs. cooked egg issue?

don’t use them in shakes. the protein powder you’re using should be enough. replace them with some other nutrient source like cottage cheese.

or have them scrambled.

Thunder, I can’t find the original column where Berardi cited that study. It may have been in the paper mag, that’s why it won’t come up with the search engine. Or, the search engine could just suck! But here’s another place on t-mag where they talk about the raw eggs and protein issue: http://www.t-mag.com/nation_articles/172food.html

Raw eggs are great for you! They are not only loaded with protein but also have many other nutrients. Many different carotenes are found in the yolk.

Some guru say’s they are bad and everyone stops eating them, cooked or otherwise. “Science” seems to change significantly about every few years on various topics. Remember when all the gurus claimed that all fat was bad for you?

I do know that man has been consuming raw eggs for thousands of years. It’s only been over the past 30 years that the, drug company driven, cholesterol scare stopped Americans from eating eggs. Coincidentally, there was a rise in macular degeneration, a disease of the eye over the past 30 years. One cause is a lack of certain carotenes found mostly in eggs!

Personally, it matters less and less to me what the latest guru says. I’ll take my eggs, and I’ll have them raw!

I agree with most of the posts here. To sum it up:

  1. Cooked eggs taste better.

  2. You are at risk of getting salmonella.

  3. Why mix it with your shake? Use the eggs as a source of protein on its own, in another meal persay. You also slow down the digestion rate at which your whey is absorbed (assuming that you are drinking whey protein shakes).

  4. And if you MUST have them raw, buy the egg whites in the carton that are PASTERIZED!

Happy drinking

Do a search on raw eggs and you should come up with some good information that has been presented in the past.

I want to add that the raw eggs I purchase are from one particular source and from hens that are fed “naturally.”

Even so there is still only 1 in 25,000 chance of getting salmonella from eating regular eggs off the shelf. If that is the route you choose to take.

One more thing, Josh, as you stated in your post Berardi referred to “raw egg products” where only part of the protein is metabolized. That does not mean raw eggs!

hulk hogan used to drink the shit out of raw eggs!

Thunder i dont know where berardi said it but i think this is the study he was refering to

here is another

I dont mind raw eggs i think the salmonella thing is overated, but if these studies are correct they arent quite as price efficient protein source as many think :slight_smile:

This is from Mercola, who previously was against raw eggs, but has changed his tune.


I do think that Salmonella poisoning from eggs is not that big of a problem in a healthy adult.

But I think that raw eggs are nasty by themselves, but in a shake would not be that bad. I will still cook then though.

ko - I wanted to ask you a clarifying question.

Does the risk of salmonella poisoning have more to do with a healthy adult or a healthy hen? I only ask because the meaning of that sentence might be construed to mean that one’s immune system would ward off salmonella if exposed.

I think this Mercola guy is a quack; his risk analysis blows the big one.

Lets take an athlete who eats 5 eggs/white a day, 1825 every year, or 30000 every 16.5 yrs. IMO getting salmonella once every 16.5 yrs is not an acceptable risk factor.

I had a case of it a couple years ago from improperly cooked chicken. Popping a few pills were not an option. FWIW I consider myself healthy and it lasted 9 days and I lost 10 of my 160 lbs. That is with me forcing down protein shakes despite not wanting to eat. Dunno, maybe that sounds acceptable to some people.

IMO cook the eggs…


With a coin it’s a 50/50 chance of it being heads or tails each time you flip. Each flip is independent of the others. If you flip 10 heads in a row the odds of the 11th flip being tails is still no greater than 50/50.

If you have 25,000 eggs (one of them being infected) to draw from and eat them down one at a time, then your odds of getting salmonella increase with each egg that you eat. You know that one of them contain the nasty bacteria.

I am not sure if the odds are the same when you eat eggs not drawn from that statistical group.

Either way, I agree that salmonella is not pleasant. That’s why I eat free range chicken eggs from a very reliable source.

Yeah Nitrox, that sounds like a real party! Ugh.

I don’t care if Rocky or Hogan ate raw eggs. The bottom line is:

Will it make you look better nekked?

I don’t think cooked v. raw will make much of a difference in the long run.

" IMO getting salmonella once every 16.5 yrs is not an acceptable risk factor. "

I bet you don’t go out very much then. Everything in life is a risk factor.