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Raw eggs

What’s the deal with eating raw eggs, safe or not? will you get sick from it?

i’d much rather crack a few eggs and gulp them down then cook them. It saves time and i wont have to clean any dishes either. thanks

Don’t even think of it,

apart from the fact that eggs have a very high incidence of salmonella the avidin which binds biotin and prevents it from being absorbed and this ain’t good unless yopu like a major decrease in carb and fat metabolism!

bottom line, cook them.

p.s. do a search in the merck index to find out more

Raw eggs are a common source of salmonella which can cause severe food poisoning or even death.

I would take the time to cook them.

As T-mag has written many times, you can’t utilize all the protein in eggs UNLESS they’re cooked. So if you avoid salmonella (pretty easy to do these days actually because of better processing), you still only get half the protein. See Berardi’s articles for more info.

If you are going to eat raw eggs, definitely use farm eggs. I know I read somewhere that you are much less likely to get salmonella this way.

I use Davidsons eggs for my protein drinks. They are pasturized and in the shell.

Do all the negatives of eating uncooked eggs (particularly binding to biotin and less usable protein) also apply to the pasteurized egg whites that come in a carton, such as All Whites? I’ve been known to throw 2 or 3 whites into some of my shakes to up the protein content, or to thicken them up when I don’t want the carbs from milk or cottage cheese.

C’mon dude! You know better if you’re a forum regular.
Mr.Berardi/T-mag have explained that you will not be able to get full utilization of the protein in its raw form. And then you run the risk of salmonella which can cause food poisoning, gastrointestinal inflammation, typhoid fever, or septicemia (blood poisoning).

Just cook the eggs and your safe!

You know, for years and years before I even picked up a weight, I watched my Grandpa lift weights every morning at 5 am in his basement and after every workout he’d make a shake containing about a dozen eggs, yolks and all. I never realized how proud I was of him until I started lifting. every single day someone in the family would stand staring at him with a horrified look on their face as he downed those uncooked eggs. That man had balls. He only stopped when a stroke killed him at 74.

From what I’ve read, salmonella is much more common in eggs these days and I hope he’d be smart enough to not do the same thing now. But, my grandpa probably would because he never did what he was told!