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Raw eggs. What your opinion?


Makes sense. I might even do it. Soon.

Chicken Little Salmonella types please abstain from commenting unless you personally had a case or know somebody who actually has had it.

Only safeguard I would take is either adding 1-2 grams of Vitamin C + probiotics OR colloidal silver. Simple, inexpensive insurance.


Cooking eggs aids in their abosrbtion and increases the free form amino acids. A study done by Berardi showed that you only absorb 1/2 of the protein. So if you only taken in 1/2 the protein in each raw egg you must ingest double the amout of eggs thus doubling your chance of salmonella.

Second thing is eggs are highly allergenic and by cooking (better to scramble then boil reduces the risk even further) they you decrease this risk greatly.

So with raw eggs you always have the salmonella risk, you’re not ingesting the full amount of protein, cooking increases the free form aminos and you have to take in double the amount you would have to if they were cooked to get all the same nutrition. To me this is a glaring no brainer.

Ko posted that link a while back under another thread.

I don’t think I’ll personally eat them raw. I do question your approach on using colloidial silver as a means of eliminating risk. The article mentions that the risk is so low, that you virutally need not worry about it. If you truely believe that, why the need to consume colloid of silver?

I don’t know. I have had food poisoning before. Not sure if it was salmonilla, but it was enough to make me not want to go there again.

In the blue corner (Mercola):

Eggs generally are one of the most allergic foods that are eaten, but I believe this is because they are cooked. If one consumes the eggs in their raw state the incidence of egg allergy virtually disappears. Heating the egg protein actually changes its chemical shape, and the distortion can easily lead to allergies.

So, if you have not been able to tolerate eggs before you will want to consider eating them uncooked.

In the red corner: JB

(Virtually the opposite)

What gives?

Guess I`ll have to use the old no-brainer approach: Test on myself and see what happens.

I kinda stopped paying attention to Mercola when he started talking about not using the remote control door locker on your car because it was unhealthy. From the T-mag interview:

“T: You say: women should not wear underwire bras because the metal is bad for them, don’t use microwaves, don’t stay up after 10 PM, don’t use an electric razor, don’t get a root canal, don’t drink water with meals, don’t use fluoride in your toothpaste, don’t get your kids vaccinated, don’t swim in chlorinated pools, don’t chew gum and don’t carry your car door remote in your pocket. Honestly, this stuff may help me live longer, but I’d die anyway from stressing out over it all!”

I agree.

Here’s the whole article, btw –

This issue just won’t die for some reason. Why would you go out of the way to get less protein per egg and then add things for precautionary reasons? Cook your eggs and get the most out of them. Simple!

Have you ever researcehed what terrible, lasting effects salmonella can have on your health?
You have to remember it’s not doing something different or novel that’s going to give you superior results, it’s consistency in hard intelligent work -then you tweak things…

I am posting because of a parallel tidbit.

Any of you who read Hulda Clark`s stuff knows how much solvents and alcohol can eventually lead to cancer.

From another source, I have read that, when the body faces foreign protein, part of the elimination process is done via … body-created solvents.

Therefore, said accumulation of foreign protein, and consequent building of solvents eventually leads to cancer.

In this sense, allergenic reactions would be awfully logical.

Question becomes then: why take in foreign protein at all? Hence the raw issue.

Other good questions someone told me:

And did cavemen have skillets?

And what about the uncooked part of a steak… that raw, Man! ;0)

Even if we are in the 21sth Century, were still stuck with antideluvian genetics who have not caught up with todays marketplace and lifestyle options.

Just my 2 cents.

1 in 30,000 eggs contain salmonella acording to that article. If you normally eat 4 cooked eggs and have to eat 8 raw eggs to get the same amount of protein you’ve just made your odds of getting salmonella 1 in 3750. Those aren’t odds I’d like to mess with for something that could cause a lifetime of health issues including urination problems, joint problems and arthritis.

I had salmonella like 7 years ago and it sucked but I had a mild case I guess. It was like bad food poisining. I was eating a “brands” cookie dough ice cream (I was 11 at the time) I guess the mixture got contaminated. They gave me some money and it made me feel better. If I were you I would not eat raw eggs just because you don’t get the same amount of protein and it could make you sick. Even though in these times salmonella is not so much an issue.

Er…wouldn`t that be 1 chance in 30 000 for each egg, individually*?

  • Unless you get a contaminated batch.

I see it like the dice probability or coin-flipping thing. No throw has an impact on the next throw. Whatever your lucky streak, it`s always 50/50 on each toss, even though your 8 tails in a row is, before hand, quite improbable in the pond of possibilities.

Mathematicians feel free to correct me.

The first egg most certainly has an impact on the second. When you flip a coin you’re not eliminating anything. When you eat an egg you’re eliminating one good one. So the your risk becomes greater. Then the process repeats itself with the next one and the odds continually decrease as the cycle continues. 1 in 30,000 is just an estimation but as I said earlier the more you eat raw the greater the risk is. Its NOT a coin flip or a roll of a die.

Don’t the chickens continue to pump out eggs?

You’d need to be an actuary to figure out the real odds.

Why don’t you just cook the dam eggs. You get more protein that way.

BrentM the bottom line is, to get the same amount of protein as four cooked eggs you must ingest double the amount (8) of raw eggs, then the 1 in 30,000 odds become lower. The odds I came up with are for one batch of 30,000 eggs with one contaminated egg. Thats when the odds become 1 in 3750.

It’s 1 in 30,000 every time you eat an egg. None of the eggs before or after change your chances.

However, if you are going to eat 8 eggs a day, you have 1 chance in every 3750 DAYS of contracting salmonella. But each time you pick up the egg, it’s 1 in 30,000 at that moment that it will be bad. Gambling-wise, if I wanted you to catch salmonella, the odds would seem better for the second one, but in reality it would still be the same chances.

Still, it’s better odds than the lottery.

However, if you are going to eat 8 eggs a day, you have 1 chance in every 3750 DAYS of contracting salmonella.

Lets see. 1 chance in 10.27 years at 8 eggs a day.

Wonder if chances go lower if you take extra care of washing the exterior of the egg?

(My microbiology courses go way back (10 years) but I recall hearing that salmonella was a surface thing, i.e. an uncracked egg had a sterile content.)

I had an iguana and actually got rid of him, gave him to a pet store, because of the risk of salmonella poisoning. The only thing that Dr. in the report recommends eating raw are the yolks. So why would someone separate the yellows and whites, suck down the yellows and cook the whites. All of it is just so unecessary. People should just scramble them and cook them.

I agree that this is topic that just won’t go away. I see two main points here:

  1. the protein absorption issue. Now this may be dumb of me… but how do we know that only half of the protein gets absorbed - how can be tested within the body.

  2. the allergy issue. I know Dr mercola can seem nutty at times, but the egg/allergy issue makes sense to me that heating an egg and changing the protein stucture would make it more allergenic, as opposed to less )like Dr. Cerrano advocates - who by the way can be quite a quack too)

But on the line of ‘try it and see’, I’ve been eating raw eggs regularly for about 1 year now (4 per day) and I honestly feel better eating them raw than cooked.

My 2 cents

Leave the guy alone.He wants to test it on himself,good fer him.If he dies,he dies.If he lives and gets food poisoning,so be it.If he lives and nothing’s wrong,good fer him.