Raw Eggs: Good or Bad?

Are they good or bad for you? I have heard pros and cons of both arguements. I want something good for me with high protein that I can eat quickly, but I have heard there may be health risks involved. Anybody have the truth behind raw eggs? Thanks.

I have to watch my cholesterol and saturated fats and the yellow yolk is high in those two, according to my dietician at the heart institute. HOWEVER, the yellow yolk is also full of good fats and good cholesterol (HDL) from what I understand. Also an excellent source of protein.

I eat eggs almost every morning. My suggestion is like cheeses and butter for example, eat them, but don’t over do it. Instead of eating 8 eggs for example, I would mix in some egg whites. Good luck

Bad. Cooked eggs absorb better. Also, eating raw egg whites can lead to a biotin deficiency, since the avidin in it attaches to the biotin. Cooking eggs eliminates this problem. THere’s also the salmonella problem. If anything, pasteurized egg whites is alright, but even they have the avidin issue. I contacted the manufacturer of my egg whites and they said that even if they’re pasteurized egg whites still can lead to a biotin deficiency, even though I’ve read elsewhere that the pasteurizing process eliminates the effects of the avidin.

Bottom line : if you eat raw egg whites once in a while you should be fine, but generally stay away from consuming eggs raw and just cook those suckers up.

Raw eggs have slightly higher protien and some believe the protien is more pure. It’s also easier to down more eggs if thats is what your trying to do.

Now the bad news to many egg yolks are bad. Worst news you run the chance of getting food poisoning i’ll pass on Salmonella.

Basiclly your playing Russian roulette raw eggs are slightly better but you risk catching Salmonella and being pushed back in your training.

I throw 1 or 2 in my protein shake. There is nothing wrong with it.

That whole avidin thing doesn’t cause biotin deficiency since the yolks are so high in biotin that it over compensates for the avidin. That means you get a + amount of biotin from eggs. Also the chances of getting salmonella from raw eggs are millions to one.

I actually was in a rush this morning and drank four omega-3 eggs. I forgot about the whole biotin thing. Anyone know this subject more in depth? Just curious.

Thanks for the information. From what I’ve gathered, they aren’t a bad thing to eat but moderation is the key. Plus they are very high in protein and easy to eat. What other types of quick and cheap snacks do people eat to get that extra protein in?