Raw Eggs and Macromolecules

I read on an internet site that when consuming raw eggs, you are supposed to “Only stir it gently with a fork, because egg protein easily gets damaged on a molecular level, even by mixing/blending.” – is this true?

Can someone clarify this for me? Why would it be bad to damage the proteins? Doesn’t the digestive system break them down anyway?

Hope this isn’t true as I blast mine through smoothies. Would be very interested if anyone knows about this…


Always ask “what” or “why.” In what way would blending cause damage? What does “damage” mean? Indigestible? If damaged and indigestible for use as protein, then what does the body use the ingested protein “leftovers” for? Would this really constitute “free” calories?

Logically, the answer is no, blending doesn’t do anything to protein structure or digestibility. The only thing blending would do would be to break down the protein into amino acids, though it would be very, very difficult to mechanically destroy amino acid molecules. Answering the above questions will help you understand the process better though, if you are inclined to learn about it.

sounds like someone has been reading dr. mercola

Ya, that was Mercola.

He’s a good guy, but I would say a little far out on this one.

Dr Mercola does have a lot of good insight on a variety of health topics. My biggest beef with him is with his overtly agressive push to market his supplements in a lot of his advice.