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Raw Egg Yolks

Well, reading about Dr. Mercola and his theory of raw egg yolk having alot more nutrients, and being on a low carb diet,Im wondering just how I should be eating my raw egg yolk! Right now Ive been blending it in with water and whey protein. It tastes like chocolate milk and butter :slight_smile: Now Im worried about shitting my guts out for a week, as most everyone tells me I will be doing. Any solutions? I even heard that, if the egg doesnt touch the outside of the shell, its okay. Maaaaaaaaaaan… Does it matter if the yolk is broken if its still raw, as the raw egg yolk in the blender? Alot of questions, but I know Im not the only one wondering about all this. Thanks everyone.

I saw Dr. Mercola when I was on the moon, conversing with little green men and eating bodybuilder-size servings of raw eggs day in and day out without problems. He told me that I should take my spacesuit helmet off because the elements of its inner elemental being were interfering by some obscure-reasoning-drawing -on- one-study-that- he-did- science magnetic process with my Chi and stunting my Wang. Also, he said that anyone with an MD obviously doesn’t know anything, and that I should stop eating so much tuna fish.

You are crazy if you eat raw eggs…you are inviting severe illness.

There’s a one in 20 000 odd of getting salmonela in your raw egg yolks. Mind that Mercola usually assumes you’re getting eggs from home grown chickens and not comercial ones. Still there’s no problem as long as you don’t eat raw whites.

Maclar, what do you mean about severe illness? Salmonela, is that it? It will give you some more or less serious intestinala distress IF you come across it but nothing more.

I used to scramble my whites and yolks together but recently for breakfast I’ve been mixing old fashioned oatmeal, some water, pasteurized egg whites, and 2 whole eggs in a large glass bowl and nuking just long enough to cook the whites done soft but leaving the yolks warm but not set…then add some cottage cheese, salsa, and seasoning…yum…note I don’t “mix” anything before cooking and the yolks will sit intact in the center of the bowl surrounded by the whites and oatmeal…so the whites and oatmeal cook first around the edge of the bowl and if you get the cooking time down…the yolks will be warm and runny while the rest will be cooked. BTW, I used to eat raw eggs in protein shakes for years…hundreds and hundreds if not thousands of eggs and never got sick…but will not chance it anymore…especially after learning about the decreased protein digestion of raw whites and the biotin asorbtion issue with raw whites. Just don’t break the yolks before cooking and cook “soft”…just long enough to “set” the whites and leave the yolk runny.