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do raw egg whites have the same nutritional value as cooked ones/ i know about the health risks.
also,what about heating them in the microwave to kill off any bacteria but yet still keeping them somewhat liquid and drinking them? cooked long enough to possibly kill off any bacteria but yet not enough for the eggs to get solid.
thank you

Run them under hot water for for 3-5min, this kills the bacteria.

But then again what do I know I’m a JackAss.

As T-mag (Berardi’s articles) has written many times, your body can only utilize half the protein in raw eggs. Cook them to get all of it.

Running eggs under hot water will NOT kill the bacteria.

There are more problems with eating raw eggs other than the bacteria concerns, and this topic has been covered repeatedly in the past. A search will give you all the answers you need.

what about cooking them half way,to where they are somewhat solid but still drinkable? will all the protein be utuilized then?

Raw egg whites contain a protein called avidin which, among other things, blocks the absorption of biotin. My question is: is heating during pasteurization sufficient to denature this protein? I asked this question of a nutrition professor last semester, and he scratched his head for a minute, then said that he thought the heat would denature enough of the avidin. This was enough for me to continue putting raw All Whites in my shakes, but I’d like a more solid answer. Anyone have one?

drex-o: easy solution to your problem. Do a search on MSDS and look for the decomposition point of avidin. If that doesn’t work check out PubMed.

Likely, breaking down the avidin requires complete cooking since eggwhites are nearly completely made of the stuff (there is other stuff there too, but I’m pretty sure it’s highly skewed percentage.)

How much progress do you think you’ll make if you’re puking for days straight because of salmonella? Besides that, like DocT pointed out I believe, it’s been written in T-mag that your body can only utilize half the protein in raw eggs.

Bottom line…just cook your eggs.

I don’t know the science behind it, but I’ve eaten raw egg whites, or even whole raw eggs for fifteen years and never been ill because of it. It was a practice I inherited from my father, and he never had a problem with it either. Have I been lucky? Maybe. Have I been stupid? Well, if I’m only digesting half the protein in em, I’ll just have to double the number I’m eating.

If eaten raw I believe it’s better to eat the entire egg. Read the interview with Dr. Mercola on the site. According to him Rocky may have been doing the right thing after all. Although egg white contains avidin which blocks the absorption of biotin this is made up for by the high amount of biotin contained in the egg yolk.

ive been eating them raw for years also…im still here…no problems whatsoever, dont believe everything you read.

dude when you heat food up your making it easier to digest and absorb, it helps to break down the protien strands so your body can absorb them… stop watching rocky :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I’ve never heard of “All Whites”, I assume this is a brand name of egg whites in a carton. I use a similar brand of egg whites in cartons. These egg whites are pasturized, so there’s no worry of salmonella or other similar food poisons.

On the other hand, I’ve never eaten them raw. I don’t really see the point, and I assume they’re much more filling when they’re cooked as opposed to chugged raw.

I’d no sooner drink raw egg whites than go about guzzling sperm. What the hell? Cooked egg whites are nauseating enough, I don’t see a reason to make them even more so. The possibility of a MARGINAL nutritional benefit at the risks of bacteria? Fargeddabautit

i think pasteurization is like 70 degrees C for 30 secs…that plenty of time to kill and cook something hehe…so its prob better than straight out of the chicken haha. Eggs arent the best protein in the world anyway…a whole egg or two day nutrionally is great but just use real good whey…your body will thank you for it hehe.

How do you run raw egg whites under water? Wouldn’t it just turn into a water/egg white soup?