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Raw Cow/Goat Liquid Whey?


I recently had a friend begin taking a cheese making class as a sort or hobby(likes to try random new things). My friend knowing im into weight training saved the Whey liquid (byproduct) for me, I curiously tried it and just tasted like watered down milk. I am no expert on the subject by any means, but besides the fact that it is most likely less concentrated then protein powders I feel that it would be much healthier, absorbent and therefore beneficial then processed protein powders.

Im pretty sure it is carb and fat free, full of minerals and vitamins and drenched with amino acids. Anyone knowledgeable on the subject of proteins/types and or making it? Im always looking for an upper hand in gaining strength and am very very interested in a sort of home brewing system for my protein shakes with raw/organic cow and or goat milk whey.


Well it won't be carb free, that's how processing whey can actually be your friend



You have to factor in the kind of cheese made ya? depends on how much lactose and other carbs may be drawn out of it. Id also imagine goat/cow/buffalo milks would all vary...??


Yes but again it won't be carb free.