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Raw Conjugate Method Log

First Log on here i’ll be using this in tandem with my notebook and excel spreadsheet to keep me honest and allow others more knowledgeable than myself to add any helpful tips or notes or any criticism they may have. This is not my first time running Westside’s Conjugate Method but I took time away from it focus on Olympic weightlifting and Gymastic-esque training(rings and the like). I decided to come back to Powerlifting and training the Conjugate Method because it’s what I love most and I enjoy variation to my training.

Since I am running the CM raw, I have read articles and watched videos of Louie saying for a raw lifter on Squats and Deads to use 70-85% range for Dynamic effort training,as such I will give that a shot. I am still using 50-65% for my Dynamic Effort Bench though. For my Dynamic Effort training I will be utilizing bands for my accommodating resistance,except for on Deadlifts unless I find a way to figure out getting tension at the bottom of the lift instead of just at the top. Also I will be taking into consideration the amount of band tension at the bottom so i’ll use a lighter bar weight to get everything to equal my percentage added up at the bottom of tbe lift.

 My best ever BIG 3 lifts are a 405lbs bench at 166lbs (done with a High arch and widest legal grip possible,elbows flared, this made it so I only had to lift the bar about 5-8 inches. doing so really screwed up my shoulders pretty bad and my back spasm for a good month. I no longer bench with a high arch or a wide grip, the majority of my work is done from a bottoms up style bench with pinkies on the rings or close grip, with elbows somewhat flared.) My best squat was a 385lbs full squat with a 10 second pause at the bottom for a set of 5 at 168lbs, and alot of wide stance GM's this created a 425lbs Powerlifting style squat Max for me. 

My best Conventional Pull and Sumo pull is 455lbs and 445lbs respectively at 180.6lbs… I tore my ACL a few years back and since having it repaired AND moving onto different sports and then coming back to PL … I consider everything here and now a fresh start, even with my difficulties in life . I do it because it’s like therapy, it’s what I’m passionate about and I love it.

I already have my Max Effort Upper and Lower body days planned out, but will type them down as I go along and note any changes I make. My current “new” best lifts are a 385lbs Conventional Deadlift, 375lbs Sumo Deadlift, 305lbs box squat at parallel (could have gone heavier but my wrists kill me when I don’t set up right) and a 250lbs bottom up bench on a slight decline (25lbs plate under the foot end of the bench to help keep stress of my shoulder joints) FAR CRY from my original lifts but it doesn’t matter to me, everything good in life just takes time…especially in powerlifting, I would rather a slow and steady pace then a fist full of injuries and being burned out trying to get there as fast as possible. Here is my ME LB after each workout i’ll use my recovery methods that work best for me.
Max Effort Lower body
Box Squat to parallel=305lbs
seated Good mornings done with 275lbs 3x5 chest to knees (these REALLY make my back feel 1000% better, I hurt my lower back heaving up the 455lbs deadlift from rounding the lower back. The traction really opens up the space in between my disks and allows fluid in to decompress it) (also loosens up my hips)
Valslides hamstring curls or whatever they’re called for both ends of the hamstrings and glutes, 50lbs+ bodyweight for 3x5
went home and did some banded “good girl bad girls” holds for 15 seconds and sets of 5 with 2 elitefts short mini bands
hung upside-down on my teeter hang up moon boots and did weighted inverted situps with 50lbs held to my chest for sets of 5…also made my lower back feel better. Afterwards took a contrast shower 3 hours later took some supplementation of vitamins and minerals, a massage, used a rolling pin to loosen up as well and finished with banded side steps for a few steps to loosen up my hips and glutes.