Raw, Conjugate and Drug-Free Powerlifter? Let Them Hate. (kickstart73's Training Log)

Hi All -

Long time lurker (sounds better than creep), first time poster. To make a long story short, I have been unmotivated and disappointed with how my training has been going, stumbled onto a few different training logs (@Reed @StormTheBeach @corstijeir @Alpha @max98765 and a few others) that gave me a new found motivation. I wanted to start a log and if I can help do what the above members did for me, to others I will consider it successful.

~200lb (slightly more muscular version of the dad bod)
Squat - 415 sleeved/430 wraps (brand new to wraps)
Bench - 275 (pls spare me I’ve heard it before)
Deadlift - 525 (sumo of course, but not a dirty hook-grip cheater)

Background(most boring section):
I have been lifting for about 3.5 years, taking it more seriously the last 2 years. I have done 5 meets, between the 181 and 198lb classes (mass moves mass amirite), but the 400 wilks (and 1200lb total) have evaded me. Started with a linear periodization, transitioned into a high frequency high volume RPE based program and finally have began dabbling with conjugate. With the linear periodization and RPE based programs I have had coaches and done exactly what was on the paper every time, yet have learned very little and have not had the best results. I have come to the conclusion the best way to progress is to learn from myself (with a bit of guidance from more experienced lifters than me). I have a much more experienced lifter helping me learn the system, but plan to do exclusively my own programming after I have it more figured out.

Moving Forward:
No meet in mind right now, but where I live there is a meet about every other month within an hour of driving distance, so should not be hard to jump into one. Planning on just putting my head down and training hard, when things start to come together I will pick out a meet. The majority of the powerlifters at the gyms around me are the USAPL dick riding, high volume, high specificity, high frequency elitists (make sure you wear your virus tights, a7 shirt and junk headband while telling everyone how much weight a deadlift bar adds). Look, I get it, it works and what is popular right now, but I have never been one to go with the grain, so I would love nothing more than to SFW at a meet and show them different training styles do work.

Hopefully ya’ll find some entertainment, learn something and help me learn as I embark on this journey to get strong as fuck, have some big goals in mind so SMF!


That’s why your bench is so low. For the vast majority of lifters, the bench is only grown through time. Sure there’s some random freaks now and then but most of us have to spend time under the bar to really develop the bench.

If you need any help with Conjugate I’m happy to throw in some opinions :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome and enjoy the grind.

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1.14.19 ME LOWER

Anderson SSB Squat 1" above parallel (pin 14)



Banded leg ext
3x10x light+mini bands

Banded rope crunch
3x10x doubled light band

Banded leg curl
1x200x mini band


First week is really trying to understand and hammer some weaknesses.

First time for Anderson squats and man were they humbling, was planning on 50+ more lbs, but really showed where I was weak (quads and upper back) while not allowing a stretch reflex.

SSB FS will be hammering both my quads and upper back as well as maintaining a more upright torso. Looking to start pushing the volume with these before intensity.

SLDL really show a glaring weakness with my mobility. The amount of knee bend and the lack of straightness in my back is embarrassing. Often I struggle to get into a good position with my comp (sumo) deadlifts and addressing these items should help.

Gym is in process of expanding thus the current lack of equipment, but was able to improvise and get it in with bands. Not ideal, but it works.

(almost forgot to add you as a motivator to start my log @losthog)


Appreciate the support man, I will be looking to you in the future.

Awesome man! So glad to see another conjugate lifter to steal ideas from and share successes with. I’m gonna be kissed if you find something that works good and don’t share it…

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Hell yeah, and I will be sure to share it, don’t want you getting kissed! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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:man_facepalming: Stupid autocorrect. Pissed not kissed.

1.16.19 ME UPPER

Deadpress ~1" above chest (pin 13 with spud inc straps)

CGBP 1 finger on smooth

BB JM Press

BB Bent Over Row (slightly inside bench grip)

DB Side Raise

DB Hammer Curl


First time doing Deadpress, it was much harder than anticipated. I thought it may be easier than normal bench, but I was very wrong. My sticking point is about 2" off my chest and this ME day showed me my elbows are flaring, but at this point can’t decide if its technique based or if its weak lats. My triceps are weak for sure, so will hammer those with CGBP.

First time doing close grip with this close of a grip. Elbows are flaring like crazy, will be sure to work on fixing this in the future. Looks like I may need to touch a bit closer to my face. Input is welcomed.

First time really doing BB JM presses as well. Went a bit heavier, but heard cracking like crazy in my elbows and didn’t feel all that great. Figured I would keep it lighter this week and get technique dialed in before increasing the intensity.

Overall a solid day, really showing me what I need to work on.

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You can never have too strong lats. Hammer the hell out of them. DB Press is your friend for chest strength… try thinking of bringing your chest up to the bar when lowering the bar to keep tight on the bench.


1.18.19 DE LOWER

SSB Box Squat to low box

Chair Deadlift

SSB Goodmorning


Lying hamstring curl
3x12x Mini Band

Zercher decline sit-up on GHD

Something finally clicked with box squats and felt really good. Can probably get rid of the plate next time which should get me slightly below parallel.

First time doing box deads. They are in the program to focus on technique, which has been lacking as of late. Need to get ass closer to bar and hips as high and close to the bar as I can. Will continue to work on this as I progress up in weight.

Can’t wait for a couple more weeks when the other side of the gym is done (expanding to twice its size) and I can use some machines instead of using banded exercises. I always have abs programmed last, in the past I had often skipped them, so making an effort to ensure to get all the work done. :hammer:


*Need better camera skills
@MarkKO I’ve been reading your log over the last couple of weeks (currently on September 2018) and it’s great man. I’m not caught up yet, but where I am in your log you are on team bulk and as am I!

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You figure out how not to suck at benching please let me know lol.


If you can squat facing away from the mirror or in the rack with no mirror.

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Yuh I should. Ssb was there and was feeling lazy.

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Thanks brother. I’m still going there, it’s just slowed a little.

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1.19.19 DE UPPER

Bench vs Mini (band stretched underneath bench)
9x3x135 (alt grips every 3 sets)

DB Bench

Rolling DB Ext (not put down db between sets)

Incline Chest Supported Row

Lat Pulldown
4x12x mini and micro

Quickest session I have had in a while, wasn’t even rushing it. Made sure to incorporate DB Bench (@losthog we will see how friendly I get with these as I push the volume), also made sure to do 2 lat movements. We got about 8 inches of snow, so it was nice and quiet in the gym.

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Yep! I’m planning on pushing volume in 3-4 week waves double progression. Even adding exercises to the grouping. Then dropping back somewhere above week 1 and pushing it again

I see you referenced “re-hydration sweet tea” a bit in your log. What exactly is this?

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What it says. Sweet, black tea. Except don’t add salt to help the rehydration. It’s like drinking dirty seawater and almost guaranteed to make you hurl.

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