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Raw Competition Squat Depth


Hey guys I'm mainly looking for opinions from EXPERIENCED raw powerlifters regarding competition depth. I'm doing my first competition this October and I'm wondering if my depth if too low, or just right for raw squatting. I'm not really sure where to stop at so I've been trying to go extra low lately.


Depth looks good. Some might say an inch or two too deep, but I wouldn't try to shave off anything for a few extra pounds at this point. White lights, no doubt.

Good squats man


Pretty close to bang on IPF depth in my opinion.


Definitely not too deep for IPF. In fact it looks quite perfect. keep doing what you are doing.


really?? IPF requires you to get that low?? damn...sometimes it seems like raw squatters are held to stricter depth standards than suited...what does everyone think?


nobody really wants to have that discussion


I think this has epic potential


What fed is sponsoring the meet? Your squat is not too deep by USAPL/IPF standards. The most accurate way to assess depth is to video from the side at about eye level for someone sitting in a chair. That's the view the two side refs have. My coach (a Cat II IPF ref) always advises me to bury my first attempt in order to make a psychological impression.


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this might be good


It feels like waiting for christmas all over again.


Why is everyone using the phrase "too deep"?

By IPF standards there is no such thing. They only require that the crease of your hip be below the tip of your knee at the lowest point of your squat.

If the judging is good there should be no discrepancy between equipped and unequipped.

Those squats were 100% in, quality squatting.


Apologies to all in advance for setting the ball rolling...


First Strike!


I do the same thing. I make the first attempt as deep as I can and that definitely helps me get deep enough on the third attempt.

Plus, I think the refs pay less attention to you if they remember you as the "shitting in the woods stance" lifter.


There's no such thing as "too deep" in any fed! But there's wasted effort if your goal is a 1 RM on the platform. And squatting much below that sweet spot will cause you to give up pounds. I speak from experience on this one.


Agreed, it just seemed as though people were saying "too deep" from a judging point of view.


Don't worry about it, you get extra pounds for going deeper. Also, if you aren't wearing a belt or anything on your knee's. They put you in the Super RAWWW division where it doesn't matter what you lift, you still win anyway as long as you talk enough shit about the lifters wearing gear.

Please know that I am kidding... those were some really good looking squats.


by "too deep" i just meant could i get away with a little higher....there's definitely no such thing too deep that's for sure. kinda looking for the minimum to pass i guess. but yeah i guess the depth in raw vs. suited squatting debate is that controversial?? hahaha OH and the meet will be USAPL


Bury your opener...after that you should be golden, just be careful. You've probably got an inch or two there before they start questioning depth, but judging can vary a lot on the day. Watch the lighter weight classes to get a feel for any trends in judging.

I didn't know about any debate, likely just standard internet shenanigans!


yeah i hear you on the shenanigans man hahaha but hey thanks and thanks to everyone..all very helpful advice/discussion.