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Raw Bench and Shoulder Health


hey guys...so im a raw bencher and i take the legal grip limit...i.y.o should i reduce this abit for shoulder health reasons?? or any other reasons?


I'm strongest using a wide as legal grip, but do most my work with a close or medium grip. It improves my wide grip a lot and spares the shoulders.


I agree with this. When I max out or when I use a slingshot I take a wider grip, but lately I have been taking a closer grip(pinky on the ring or slightly closer) to try and put some more pressure on my triceps and keep my tendons from getting too beat up.


no just bench properly, keep your elbows in when you lower the weight.. and you should have no problems and then do necessary rotator work and you will be fine..


It might be alright for some people, but it takes more for me.