Ravive Mental Suppliment

Hey guys, does anyone remember a suppliment called Ravive (sic?) that was to help mental focus. It had dopamine and serotonin precursers in it and i know i first heard of it on here but i can’t find the website to order more. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

nope sorry but you might check out Spike and or Power Drive in the store here.

Sorry though never heard of that one. If it was talked about here did you try a search??

I tried it… still have some left, in fact. I believe the main nootropic was vincopetine.

Spike is better, and so is Powerdrive.

They marketed the stuff as a raver drug “substitute” and a study-aid. So both uses were supposed to be for a quick ‘pick-me-up,’ without the requirement of long-term use. I got nada out of it. If I were a recreational drug user, I am positive I would not give up E for some freakin’ ravive pills.

And as a student, they didn’t help me study, concentrate, or more effectively take tests. So pretty much worthless as a short-term fix. Perhaps they’re better over the long term… they were too expensive for me to try taking them for an extended period.