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Ok…now this is a bit weird. But I’m hoping I can get some help on this.

I’ve worked quite hard over the last couple of years to build a quality physique. From the last six months, I’ve been hooked on raves. I attend once in a month.
After dancing for like 6 hours straight, totally dehydrated and doing some drugs, I’m supposed to feel weak which I definietly do. The problem is that the next day, if I look at myself in the mirror, I can say for sure that I’ve lost weight. Some people have told me that its only water weight and it comes back in like a few days. Which I believe it true.

My question is that, can someone really lose weight in like just a few hours?? I’ve met a lot of big guys at raves and they say that it just burns of the fat. But I still have a feeling that some muscle might be lost during the whole phase. Does anyone know any solid thing about this issue??


They are right. It is mostly water.
During my military days, I took part in a test where soldiers were put under exterme conditions. What was lost was the sugars stored in the muscles and liver, as well as large amounts of water. These studies cause a change in soldiers diets, current MREs have a larger amount of Carbos and almost every GI you see now has a camel(water bladder).
I would watch the drugs if I were you, they will not contribute to your fitness goals and the body will spend it recovery ability repairing the damage they cause instead of building muscle.
Try a rage without drugs. Just relax and have fun. The runner’s high you could get is just as powerful as any drug you could take with less damage.
“Life is a do it to yourself project.”

I know one solid thing, YOU’RE A DUMBASS.

Hey man the rave thing is fun and all, but you can look at this two ways. #1 In my opininon your burning fat, but you’re probably burning muscle as well. Ya see the “drugs” (I’m assuming you’re taking Ecstacy) raises your core body temp. (sometimes to dangerously high levels that is the reason for all the water)this with all the dancing, man that makes for some awesome fat burning, but the meth stimulant in it makes you all “cracked out”. Hence, the dancing all night(no sleep) the next day not being hungary(lack of nutrition) is going to be Very catabolic towards your muscles. I’ve worked too hard for mine to just dance them away. Or, #2 you don’t give a fuck. Which I think you do. Look man I’m not knocking the rave thing, because it is fun. And yes I have seen the big guys there. All I’m saying is if you are gonna do it, do it less frequently. Wait for the big parties with all the world class DJs like once or twice a year.(Noktournal) Hit me back man.

I’d find better and more legal ways to lose weight. It is well known that raves are nothing but an excuse to get high. If you train correctly and put a lot of time into it why would you waste all that on drugs? Dancing is cool…drugs aren’t. Don’t expect anyone to give you much of an answer to your question.


the drugs are causing you to lose weight especailly if you are using coke or exstasy. Plus you are dehydrated. You must drink lots of water especailly if you are doing drugs… and teh ones that I mention.

Let me ask this… who really gives a flying shit whether or not u burn muscle. if u really cared about yourself u would be there in the first place.

Stop doing the drugs.
Have some proteinshakes/bars with you. Drink a lot of water and if you dance for a very long time drink water with dextros.
Think maratonrunner when you plan what to bring to the party.
Remember to eat before you go to bed or els you won´t have any energi left for the next days dancing. My favorite is some kind of gainer with extra dextrose and some fruit.

When you get home in the morning down a protein drink with some Gatorade and get some sleep. Take ALA and what is it L-carnitine I think to protect your brain before you go raving. If you are only raving once a month I wouldn’t worry about it at all, enjoy yourself and fuck the self rightous retards who have no social lives, just training logs and food logs.

What are you 16? Raves cause more harm than good - especially if you are concerned about fitness and nutrition. Couple a Rave with drugs and you might as well forget about making any solid gains in the gym. Think about it - you make a giant step forward in the gym and you go to a Rave, take the drugs, and then boom - any gains made are lost and wasted. Two giant steps back. That time you are at this thing could be time spent for recovery. I’m not saying to become a monk - but if you do go to these things, DON’T do the drugs. Just drink water and dance til the cows come home.

Having rave experience myself I have determined that doing it once every 2 months is optimal. Before going I eat a giant can of tuna, a quart of skim milk, 4 tablespoons of flax oil and half a cup of oatmeal+ vitamins. When I get home I do the same thing and pass out on my bed and sleep for an enormous amount of time. In all honesty, this will not cause much damage to you as long as you do it smart. If taking E, take prozac to prevent dopamine in your brain from being destroyed resulting in brain damage. Also like Big Dave said, take ALA prior to and during the rave. Also, If you are on steroids then you will burn almost all fat while doing this. Ignore the people with no lives that say “you are a dumb ass” cause frankly they just don’t understand how much fun it is to go to a rave and get ridiculously retarded.

As some others stated, an occasional rave or night of clubbin’ is good for you. I think it actually contributes to your bodybuilding in that it provides a release. I used to be one of these guys who isolated myself and never did anything fun in an effort to stay dedicated to diet and training. I was miserable and this ended up contributing negatively to my progress in the gym. I think once a month should be the absolute max that you go to a rave though. And don’t drop more than twice in one night. Rolls are definately hard on your system, so be careful and don’t overdo it. If you find that you’re doing it every week you have a problem and you should stop.

Yeah, gee I can see how much fun it would be to be retarded. I see enough retarded people everyday, and have no aspirations to be like them. Guess I’m just not cool…

This is for the idiots who posted messages encouraging this fool to continue with his drug habit. Who in the hell wants to eat tuna fish, drink 4 gallons of skim milk and take prozac before you go dancing?? I swear you have to be the dumbest bastard in the entire world if that is what you do before you go out. You are losers…check yourself into a rehab center and get some help. One word…Idiots!!!

Not dopamine, but serotonin…and serotonin depletion after MDMA administration does not equal “brain damage”.

To all of you morons who think that going to a rave and taking drugs means you have a life, enjoy it while it lasts, cause every night you take one of those "fun " pills could be your last.

I shouldn’t even bother.All I hear from “ravers” is “it won’t hurt you”.Well,supposedly being an active weightlifter(anyone who answered),you think you’d know,above all else,is the fact that you kick your T levels down around the level of Richard Simmons for at least 4-5 days.I think we all know how counter productive that is.I have a feeling the reason Bill Roberts,Chris Shugart,and others in the know didn’t answer this argument,is because it’s stupid.As for “no social life”(big Dave),get a fucking grip,I have a very active one.I just don’t have to go get wrecked on “E” to think I’m cool.

Let me first say that depleation CAN mean brain damage…that’s what coke does to the norepi system, and it certainly can cause brain damage. Also, man…“E” felt like the most natural thing in the world…until I had been doing it for almost a year (2-3 times a month). Then it felt much harsher on my system. Why this is, I’m not sure; I think you somehow deplete your reserve. Anyway, I agree with the guy who says think “marathon”. These parties are much like marathons in their length and calorie expendature. After I dance all night (or when training for a marathon a few years back, would run 12+ miles) you can see in your face that you’ve lost weight…and I was always weaker in the gym afterwards in both instances. You need to do E only on special occasions if at all. If you take it, also take vitamen E and 5-HTP to replenish serotonin and prevent further damage. Check out dancesafe.org. There ARE studies that show “E” to be toxic to neurons. This usually occurs 6hrs after dosing when the neuron tries to reuptake synaptic serotonin. That’s where one of these guys got the whole “take prozac to protect” thing. My suggestion? Dancing is good for you. In fact, studies have corelated it with a decreased risk of Alzhemer’s Dz. “E” isn’t good for you. Go out, slam some Red bulls, and use the time to be with your friends–people you love. You don’t need E to make that happen. If you keep taking E, you’re going to get sick of being cracked out, and having post-roll depression a day or two after a party. Go natural man. Take it from someone who’s been there.

Axy, it is both the serotonin and the dopamine that causes brain damage. The dopamine being converted to all sorts of nasty sub products of itself is bad which is why you need prozac to prevent the dopamine from escaping to where it can be destroyed. The serotonin release can cause downregulation of the serotonin receptors if done frequently which IS brain damage. I know of no cure for this so that is just too bad for E users. I myself do E rarely as in once every 3 or 4 months by the way so you assume too much. 5-HTP can also help prevent the crash after a roll. I appreciate the opinions of those who as I understand it are just trying to look out for those of us on this forum, even if they only way they know how to do this is by calling us idiots and retards. Also, I do not consider myself cool cause I do E occasionally I just said it is fun. In fact, I find that the least cool people are the ones that do drugs on a weekly basis. I am not one of those people. By the way I am 180lbs @ 6% now at 5’9" extremely small joints so don’t just say that I am a ‘poser’. Also, unlike others, I only take one pill, most others take like 3 in a night.