Raven78's on the set of the Living Dead

Solid last couple of sessions. Strong work on deads and bench. Heck of a conditioning workout too.

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3/5/1 FSL - c1w3d3 (gym)
26.11.2022 (6.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup
Glute activation stuff, clamshells, box walks

20kg KB Swings x 20, 20

hip aeroplanes, ankle mobility work

Box jump x6

Bar x10
40kg x 8
72.5** x 5
70 x 3
80 x 1+ (4)
60 x 5 x 5 FSL

Reverse lunges
Twin 9kg DB’s x 50reps each leg

10mins 12sec emom

-heavy gravity day? nah someone put black 25kg plates in the 20kg zone in the squat rack. Didn’t pick it until after first 5’s set… oops. Didn’t notice racking them on the barbell either… getting stronger maybe? haha - lesson learnt!
-BW 68.5kg this am, dropped nearly 4kg since peak a few months back. Suprised by that. Less food during chest infection (no appetite). Still pushing the lifts though so here’s hoping there’s mainly fat/water loss in those numbers. Strength down slightly but no biggie, to be expected with some weight loss.
-cheers @TM79 getting the work done amongst chaos of work as xmas approaches. Conditioning brutal but it’s gotta be done!


Really glad to see that you were a back posting

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At my gym, good luck on finding the plates in the right place. They’re all over.

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3/5/1 FSL - c1w3d4 (gym)
27.11.2022 (6.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup
Band pullaparts 140ish various angles

Ball slams x 8, 10
20kg KB Swings
2 x 20

Bar x8
30 x 7
35 x 5
40kg x 3
45 x 1+ (7) rep pr
33 x 5 x 5 (FSL)


Pullups/chins 3r x 8 sets

BB Curls x 10, 10, 10+5rp
Lateral raises
7.5kg DB’s x 8, 10, 10

12mins SSC

-nice rep pr on ohp, grindy last few reps, I’ll take it.
-indeed @cavalier I got a few extra steps in putting the 20’s back on the squat rack at least…
-hey @fitguy442002 I was still lifting - my log just got moved to another spot for a while during Surge challenge cheers!


nice job

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3/5/1 FSL (gym)
28.11.2022 (5.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup

Conditioning, Core, Calves


a. Burpees x 10
b. Twin 12kg KB devil presses x 10
c. KB Swings 20kg x 20
Completed 5 rounds in 16mins

McGill x3 + deadbugs
3 rounds

Seated CR’s
+30kg x 10
+40kg x 10, 10, 10

15mins SSC

-still have doms in glutes post squats two days ago, dang.
-much better after working thru conditioning
-solid weekend, lawns mowed, gutters cleaned, plenty of family time.


I live vicariously through your OHP PRs! Nicely done!

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Congrats on that OHP PR! I usually don’t get more than one grindy rep on that lift. Maybe two. Glad you got the lawn mowed and gutters cleaned.

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Thanks @burien_top_team was suprised I had that in me after this week. Just lock the core and glutes and get to it… circa 66% BW for 7reps… reads better than 45kg…

@throwawayfitness appreciate the following as always. That 500lbx5 lift & vid of your squat… crazy good there!

Thanks @TM79 , spring means lots of growth here, and the gutters get ignored a bit too often at home!


Nice PR on those OHPs! Those are always tough to come by.


That wouldn’t be tolerated at the gym I go to, all plate go back and colours are not mixed.


3/5/1 FSL - c1w4d1 > deload week (gym)
29.11.2022 (5.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup
Lat band engagement stuff

Hex Deadlifts
bar x 8
40kg x 7
60 x 5
75 x 5 (70% TM)
85 x 3 (80% TM)
95 x 1 (90% TM)
110 x 1 (100% TM)

20kg DB rows
x 66 reps (8, 8, 10, 10, 10, 10)

12mins SSC

-simple deload week, that 110kg went up nicely too
-thanks @shaneinga will be interesting to see how the ‘simple’ volume and basic accessory work goes towards building this up a little more too!
-we have a couple of half squat racks at my gym @simo74 - those have colour coded plates… alas everywhere else is just black plates


3/5/1 FSL - c1w4d2 > deload week (gym)
30.11.2022 (5.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup

Plyo pushups x10 (explosive)

Bar x10
40kg x 8
50 x 5 (70% TM)
58 x 3 (80% TM)
65 x 1 (90% TM)
72.5 x 1 (100% TM)

Ring Dips 50r (6 x 8+r)
Hypers BW 50r (5 x 10)

20+ mins SSC, HR 110

-Resting HR 62, dropping down slowly over past few days
-niggling sore throat atm, powering thru regardless
-cruisy deload session today


3/5/1 FSL (gym)
01.12.2022 (5.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup

20kg KB swings 2 x 20r


20mins emom:
a. Hex deads 50kg x 3
b. Pullups/Chinups 3reps

Keeping HR to around 115-125 on above. Chins dropped back to singles with slow decent for last 10 rounds.

20mins SSC

-had a good sweat going for all above, but lower intensity work
-aussies into final 16 of world cup, nice suprise to wake up to


As a pome living in Aus, I get to cheer on two team in the last 16.

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3/5/1 FSL - c1w4d3 > deload week (gym)
02.12.2022 (5.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup
Glute activation stuff - clamshells, banded box walks

BW Squats x10

Bar x 8
40kg x 8
60 x 5 (70% TM)
67.5 x 3 (80% TM)
75 x 1 (90% TM)
85 x 1 (100% TM)

Reverse lunges
7kg DB’s x 53 reps each leg

30 mins SSC, HR 105-110

-belt required as xmas pressie
-i do like the 10rep deload thing… 5 3 1 1 . then done!
-and over 500 on day 1 batting in the test for the poms @simo74


must be something in the water, Aussie had a pretty good hit out yesterday too.

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3/5/1 FSL - c1w4d4 > deload week (gym)
03.12.2022 (6.15am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup

Ball slams 10kg x 10, 10
Bandpullaparts 80ish

Bar x 10
32.5 x 5 (70% TM)
37.5 x 3 (80% TM)
40 x 1 (90% TM)
45 x 1 (100% TM)

Hypers 4x10
Overhead tri extension 12.5kg DB 4x15

Seated curls x 3x12

20 mins SSC, HR 105-110

-weekend is here, painting is the plan with the warmer weather.
-simple ohp session today, very cruisy


3/5/1 FSL - c2w1d1 (gym)
05.12.2022 (5.45am fasted session)
Mobility, warmup
Lat band engagement stuff, vertical jumps

20kg KB Swings 2 x 20

Hex Deadlifts
bar x 10
40kg x 8
60 x 6
75 x 3
85 x 3
97.5 x 3

75 x 5 x 5 (FSL)

Hypers 4x10
BB Row

20kg DB rows
x 40 reps (4x10)

10mins SSC

-sunday off, finished painting. Whole house is now fully painted. It’s taken so long to finish the painting, it’s probably time to touch up other rooms we renovated years ago…
-kept TM the same for cycle 2, as I work back into 531.
-felt the DL effort a few hours later… all good.
-tag @Serge_A_Storms as you’re back on the forums - great to see