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Rave Food


I'm going to a rave this saturday, from 5pm till 2 am. I plan on dancing my ass off for most of it after sundown (about 7 or 8pm to 2am, with breaks every half hour or so), and I was hoping I could get some ideas for nutrition that could keep me up and running till 2 or 3 am. I'm not allowed to take in any outside food (and they only sell pizza and other junk food), so I was hoping you could suggest something small enough to smuggle in my shoe or something. Grow! or Surge perhaps? dextrose? dry fruits? jerky? BCAA capsules? What's good 'endurance' food? I'm already smuggling in a powdered electrolyte sports drink mix, since I will be sweating quite a bit.

Nocturnal Wonderland, if you're wondering.


sounds simple, but I always liked gatorade when I went ravin.


dont forget drugs -- and i'm sure u'll burn off the junk food so it couldnt hurt


My first thought was Surge, plus some dried fruit or anything else fibrous so your stomach has a little something to work on. Maybe some nuts, too. I always hated getting hungry halfway through a party, not eating anything anyways, then being sick with hunger before the party was over.

Is this a fairly small gathering or is it a massive? I haven't been to a "rave" since New Year's of 2002-2003, and it's been even longer than that since I've spun records. Still picking up a good mix CD here and there, though.


Extasy and a lot of water together usually works well.

Since you are asking about food I take it you are not the drug going partier, so the dried fruit is good. If you can keep things cold go with some chocolate milk and Jerky for protein.


take some good X


Nuts! good idea, i'll try to take in some almond butter.

Nocturnal Wonderland is a southern california massive. www.nocturnalwonderland.com


Surge? Is this good advice? It seems like according to David Barr's recent article on the myths of post w/o nutrition (ie. that unless youre a competitive athlete you have 24 hrs to replace glycogen, not 1), that this wouldn't be necessary. I would think that dried fruit and dried jerky would be better options. Plus a little bit of gatorade and a ton of water to accomodate the dehydrated food plus lost water/electrolytes? Can someone comment on this?


Unless you're thinking Surge to minimize digestion time to get back on the floor, which seems more likely. I reread the initial post. I thought at first the author was looking to keep overall nutrition, as opposed to just wanting fuel for dancing. Still want to hear others opinions, though.


Actually, if you tell them you have a dietary condition that requires you eat the specific foods you're bringing in, they by law cannot refuse you entrance. I've done this before without a problem at clubs and bars.


I'm not sure that obeying the law is usually a top priority at a rave...


I was just looking at who all was going to spin at this thing, and it has the potential to be completely sick. I'm jealous--to see Tech Itch live!


I saw DJ Dan at a USC massive in Seattle a few years ago--definitely worth the trip. I saw Donald Glaude in Eugene, Oregon a year or so before that, and I've probably never seen another DJ have that much fun and be that involved with the crowd. I hope you have fun, that the crowds aren't too bad, and they don't charge you $4 for a small bottle of water. Sorry for the thread hijack, I just had to gush...


I can't believe this thread is real.


I was thinking the same thing.


I hope the rave gets raided like the one in Utah did a few weeks ago.Don't forget THIZZ OR DIE !!!!!


It's going to be awesome, I know! I can't wait to see Eddie Halliwell!
and luckily, the water is only 2 bucks a bottle. Still steep, but not nearly as steep as other events I've been to.


WTF? Did I really say that? I just try to get across the idea that it's not important compared to direct protein synthesis... this seems waaay off topic for this thread though, so I'll shut up. LOL


From the article "Top 10 Post Workout Nutrition Myths":

"With this information and the huge amount of carbs that we consume on a daily basis, we should have little doubt that glycogen levels will be maximized within 24 hours of the workout.
...Muscle glycogen will be restored whether we make it a priority or not."

My apologies to David Barr for the misquote. I took the 24 hr thing out of context, and must have got my wires crossed with the athlete comment.


Agree, but not too much water- the one in a million death from ecstasy use is usually caused by drinking too much water, and the body kind of 'drowns' from the inside.