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Rattlesnake In My Gym?!?!

This has probably been posted before but who cares it makes me laugh!!

just done one of my many laps of the gym and as i was passing the freeweights area all i could hear was the sound of a rattlesnake coming from over by the squat rack. i thought it was strange because rattlesnakes arent very popular over here.

as i got closer i discovered to my AMAZMENT a young lad (bless him)curling a barbell. hissing like a rattlesnake!! the guy was only curling the olympic bar and it looked as if he was almost ready to burst. i was going to go over and say something but i didnt know if he was going to bite or not.

hahaha that’s funny.

I guy I trained YEARS ago used to Yell HUP, HUP, HUP, HUP with every GD rep of every GD set. I mean yell it. I had to let him go.

It cracks me up!! u had to be there. it was class. im sure it must be one of those subconscious things. is he aware he is doing it. i dont think so!! lol