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Rattlehead: How Do You Train?


I give you much respect for what you've done and are doing with your physique. I have liked your posts since I started reading them (did I say this to someone before?), namely because you come across as a guy you just can't help but like. You're smart, friendly, and studious, and love the fitness lifestyle. Being the resident hater of T-Nation, I must admit I'm jealous of your ability to remain mild mannered and friendly on a bodybuilding internet forum and country-boy good looks, stuff that a jaded, tired, irritable, and cynical hater residing in an overpriced and crowded asphalt and concrete monstrosity can't relate to.

If I recall correctly, you are in school? Do you have a job while you attend school? How do you juggle responsibilities such as school and work with around-the-clock eating and training and the other energy sapping activities of a meat head?

What is your training like?

What mistakes have you made along the way, if any?

Are you planning on competing?

What is your diet like?

Default question: Were you ever a permabulker?


Great choice Brick.Spill it Rattle.


In for this.

Rattle you are one of my favorite posters here. Just wanted to say that.


Mannnnn Rattlehead is Mr. Popular on here, this is his 2nd "how do you train?" thread in the last few months! Haha just busting your balls Rattle. One of my favorite posters as well and works his ass off! I like his single mindedness when it comes to having a goal and working towards it


I didn't know of the other one for him.


lol actually, the last one that got made, he declined to answer really. Said he wasn't big enough to warrant such a honor, or to be dishing out advice, or something. lol

I agree though, dude is extremely nice, makes great progress, and seems to be my European doppelganger in some respects lol. Definitely deserves the recognition he has gotten here lately.

Keep it up, RT!


It was towards the end of his dieting phase for the Men's Health prep log, so his diet has certainly changed and from following his log I believe he's using some new training methods. Should be another interesting read, good idea Brick!


beard on page 1 of his log

thank me later


Yeah I'm in

The dudes funny and makes some good points and observations.


A lot of what you wrote there, and the other posters who have weighed in already genuinely made me feel nice this morning.

Sorry if my respsonse is shite, I'm typing on my phone and I'm majorly hung over.

Training/diet wise my log has everything really;


As pwolves said I'm pretty singly focused which makes for a boring read lol.

Mistakes....I never trained legs early on and still don't train them hard enough. Fell into the trap of believing I was at least an intermediate lifter after a year and used principles far too advanced for the likes of me.

I used to work full time as a bartender as well as school but thankfully the student loan system here has changed so recently I've even able to focus solely on studying/training/life.

After suffering from depression and anxiety for the best part of 2011/12 I just changed in regards to training and diet, too many things were beyond my control (like friends deaths and things I was suffering from ) so I just try and clutch at straws at some of the few things I do have control over.

I don't know about competing in all honesty, the way it works here is rather odd and there no physique options here as a far as I know (which would be the best option for me cause if chicken legs).

Indeed I was a permabulker, sadly not a burger buff tho lol. Just took advice off here and other places that I should be ashamed of myself that I was under 200lbs at my height and should be eating 3000+ Calories to get there no matter what.

Cause of that experience I really believe nutrition is the factor that should be slightly over thought for people rather than worrying over the hundreds of ways to do a bicep curl .

Thanks again to you and everyone with positive words, they provide me the motivation to try and not be mediocre.


Thanks for this. And you're welcome. You're a good guy. I can relate to having depression; it's a condition that makes it feel as if there is a constant weight over you and seemingly impossible to shake.