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Ratted Out At Work

Don't have much time right now, but this is my situation: one of my coworkers has ratted me out about being late to work. Unfortuantely, I share a duty with an anally retentive, busy body who is always early, stays late, and is obsessed with work. She is nosy and is always watching others.

This morning she went to the union reps, complained, and now she and the reps are talking to the principal before class starts (I'm a teacher). The principal does like me I should add.

Today is the day we more or less know whether us non-tenured teachers will be brought back, so ita a critical time, and I don't know what to do.

I have to talk and interact with this woman in my own department who is ratting me out.

I think I will also have to defend myself today, knowing that I am guilty of being late often.

I don't know what to say and how to say it...quiet-spoken, angry, defiant, attack her, accuse her of being late, etc.

Any suggestions? I'll be back online at 10:05 unless I'm calleed to the office in that moment.

-Sonny S


Don't be late anymore


How late are we talking?

Blaming the other person for your own screw up is definitely NOT the way to go. Most people in management don't like that very much. If you have a job where you are required to be there at a certain time, you ought to be there by that time... I would go with 'penitent.'


15 minutes prior to 15 minutes prior devil. My recommendation is be a man and own up to it. If they call you on it that is. Just promise not to be late anymore and well, stand by it.



Late to work this one time, or consistently late to work?

If it's consistent, then she's probably not the only one who's noticed. Your best option is to, as somebody else said, be a man, own up to it. If there were/are extenuating circumstances, offer them as an explanation, not an excuse, and promise to do your best not to be late anymore.

On the other hand, if it was only this one time, then the powers that be shouldn't have a problem with it (I mean, who isn't late once in a while?).

In either event, I'd talk to this person and try to get that whole (working) relationship straightened out. Remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

All that said, she probably just wants to bang you.


I am late to work all the time I just say I will be on time and I usually am for like a month after that and then I go back to the normal "My Own Program schedule." Working for someone else sux!


I joined this site a while ago but this is the first time im replying to a persons post, that isnt workout related. Your a Teacher, what you have to be there by 8:00 or 9:00 am and your done at around 3:00 or 3:30. and you cant be on time for work?

Thank god I work in a professional enviroment ( you belong to a union, your not a professional) where we are expected to be adults and have our work finished not matter how long it takes, I would just love to take a teacher to work with me for a week and let them see what work is like without a union, meeting deadlines, working 10 to 12 hours a day to get something done that has to be out the next day, working through lunch and dinner.

You complain that your superior is ratting you out? is it her fault she puts in more hours then what her contract says and she busts her ass? nope. I guess its true "those who can do, those you screwed around in university and had fun and didnt know what they wanted to do, and ended up with some degree, and decided to go to teachers college so they could get summers off and work 200 days a year...teach"


Suck it up, do your job and take the ass chewing like a man.

No one likes a rat, true. But no one likes those who whine about their own self-created problems either.


I agree, don't be late anymore.

Another tip from a friend of mine, to deal with difficult people, his complete philosophy, which has brought him much career success, is to "Smile and Nod".

Remember, "Smile and Nod"...


  1. Be on time
  2. Get a better alarm so you're on time.
  3. I'm a teacher in NY also - Why fuck up your tenure over lateness? Our tenure laws (and we're lucky to have them b/c most states don't!!!)in NY are such that you can be dismissed for almost anything they want if you do not have tenure, no matter how your observations are.
  4. It's your own fault, no one else's. Apologize for fucking up and get to school on time, especially since it's one of the best jobs in the world.


Why are you late? Really, why?

If you are suppose to come in at a certain time come in at that time. If you don't like it, quit the job. You got caught coming in, so take the punishment.

You said you are a teacher. Do you punish your students when they come in late, or turn work in late? Do you like it when the FedEx truck is late with your Biotest supplement? There are schedules for a reason.


Don't worry about it. If it were realy that important, you probably would have been on time. Just explain it to admin. like that. They'll understand.
Of course, they'll also start looking for people to fill that position.


Read the post, it was a co-worker not a superior. As for this person putting in more hours than the other in a job where most of your work and planning is done at home(my wife is a teacher), who gives a shit. All that tells me is that this person has no life, is not married or engaged and doesnt care how much time they spend away from home. You sound bitter about teachers only working 180 days a year and having summers off.


I'll second that!


Pull your act together, be on time.

Then, after a couple of months, rat on the rat. She's bound to cross the border sometimes.


you fucked up, stop acting like a child

if it happened once, i would say the other person was in the wrong. but if it is normal, you are just an asshole


I wouldn't be too concerned that being late will end up getting you fired, but I would be concerned about spending your day on an internet forum getting you fired...

Now let me get back to work... :slight_smile:


Thanks for clearing that up, i didnt realize it was a co-worker and not a superior.........As for working at home versus being in at work most if not everyone works at home as well as at work, hell i work on Saturday mornings in the office just to be responsible and get more work done.

My father, sister, and girlfriend are teachers so I think I am familiar with what there work entails. Bitter about only having to work half a year, yeah you could say that I feel they have it pretty easy and should be responsible enough to arrive at work as per their contract which their union negotiated for them.

I would love to go on strike and for more money, better hours, more benefits, but then if I did my boss would just fire me. Amazing, how Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants, Dentists all do not belong to unions. Yet after all of this I would still just tell the person that hey, be a adult, do your job, be on time. I know my father has been on time for 35 years.


It aint your coworkers job to straighten you out. I'd probably continue to be late, it would piss off the coworker. You could find something the coworker with too much time on his hands does and report it forward.


In the military, being late means AWOL.