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Ratko Mladic Arrested.


Arguablly a bigger monster that Bin Laden, Ratko Mladic has been arrested to
face up to accusations of mass murder.
Obviously Serbia was harbouring him, and were still providing him with a pension
up to 2005. The recent arrest happens after years of negotiating and just before
the E.U decides if serbia can join.
Im glad that this vile man has been arrested, let him rott in jail.

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Why do you insist on tweeting like a faggot after every post? I understand being from Australia endows you with a level of stupidity, but holy shitballs man.


As long as it's not an American jail. 45 in the temple out back after the conviction is more like it. I volunteer to tell im about Jesus before they put im down.


Wow. I guess ya don't have to be a Christian to get some railing abuse from Makavali huh?


I never really understood why NATO has/had such a strong anti-Serb stance when it comes to figuring out the mess that is former Yugoslavia. Decision to bomb Belgrade to convince the Serbs that Albanian refugees in Kosovo should be independent was strange to say the least imo.


Maybe they wanted to avoid another massacre of thousands of people?

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Poor guy :slight_smile:


k, so if say Miami's Cuban refugee population quadruples and they decide it's time to become independent from Florida, start driving non-cubans out, attacking LEOs, etc - US/Florida government should just be cool w/that?


Well I would hope the US government would not perform genocide.
The earliest known inhabitants of Kosovo were called Illyrians by both Greeks and Romans. Albanians today claim to be direct descendants of the Illyrians. This is all before the 19th century. Ofcourse
the Serbs dont agree with this.

I think trying to solve the problem is beyond my talent/depth, but my answer to your statement/question still remains the same, that NATO took action to probally avoid another world catastrophe of the slaughter of thousands of people.

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dude who cares who they claim to be. they fled Albania, were let into Kosovo, population exploded, they demanded independence while driving the Serbs out, desecrating their Churches etc.
actually lately it seems "the West" is getting the right idea of what was going on in that whole turmoil in the 90s there - I'm sure you know that Croatian generals Gotovina and Markac were convicted at The Hague recently for their war crimes against the Serbs.
but of course this is post factum after NATO sided with Croatian forces on numerous occasions.


As a Serb, I'm happy Mladic is in jail, and it's still far better then he deserves for having 8 500 people killed in non-combat situation. That's fucking genocide.

Still, the war in former Yugoslavia is much complicated then it appears. Most wars are. If the Serbian leaders sided with the West, history books would be written differently. Too bad most of them were both very stupid AND war mongering batshit crazy assholles. No denying that.


Do you understand that it was the muslims who were the first ones to engage in genocide against the Serbs, Gypsies and Jews in that part of the world? They sowed the breeze, reaped what they sowed and now we are sticking our nose into it while taking sides against the victims who have the most in common with us. We should have stayed out of it.


Serbia is a lovely place.

A common insult in Serbia is "I hope your house appears on CNN".


True :DDD

There was also a graffiti after the war "Serbs, smile, this was candid camera"


I havent been there, but I know some great serbs.


It's because he's a Twit Twit.


The US had no choice but to get involved. I beleive they were reluctant to do so.
US-Serb and also UK-serb realtions have traditionally been strong.

And Im glad they did get involved, as I beleive it has prevented the murder of thousands
of people.

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As Mali and I have been saying, they have the most cultured sense of black humour in the world.