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Ratio of Upper and Lower Arm Length

OK, this may be a stupid question but is there a normal for the ratio of upper to lower arm length?

I have searched on Google and kind find accepted ratios for various birds and thousands of dog breeds but nothing for humans.

The thing that sparked this is that I have been having problems with the catch position for power cleans (also the bar position for front squats.) If I were to replicate the high elbows position I see in videos and photos the bar would be part way imbeded into my neck.

For the record my forearm is 11" (measured from the nub of the bone at my wrist to the point of my elbow) and my upper arm is 13" (measured from the point of my elbow to my shoulder.) This gives me an upper lower ratio of 1.18:1

Take your grip out wider.

As for the measurements, short of taking a Vitruvian-Man-style photograph of myself I have no way of being consistent.

Forearm = 12"

Upper arm = 13.5"


I’ve never done power cleans. And only front squats a few times. I did have trouble placing the bar but that’s probably because I’m inexperienced.

If you’re racking it correctly, you should feel like you’re about to choke to death.

OK, seems I am not a mutant, I just suck! I wish there were some O lifting coaches here in Mexico however I will have to settle for watching lots of video.

i don’t see the problem, my upper arm is shorter than my forearm and i can rack a power clean