Ratio of Protein / Carb / Fat

I just recently started lifting after a long break. My main goal is to get strong. I don’t want to get fat (but am not afraid of putting on a few pounds of fat if necessary).

I am 29, 5’10", 183 lbs. I have a decent build from doing jiu-jitsu and surfing (although doesn’t really translate to strength in they gym). I’m now hitting the gym 3 times a week using a full-body strength routine (Starting Strength Routine), no cardio.

I’ve been keeping a food log for the past couple days, and plan to keep this going. I’ve been tracking protein, carb, fat and overall caloric intake.

I’ve spent the whole week reading articles on this forum, but I’ve yet to find anything that says what to shoot for in terms of protein/carbs/fat ratios. Here’s a sample meal from yesterday’s log:
Food: calories/fat/carbs/protein
chicken breast (6oz): 193/6/3/33
potato (170g): 134/0/31/4

Any information on this topic is appreciated.

You’re on the right track!

I have had a lot of success with a 30/40/30 split (P/C/F). Based on your weight your maintenance level is probably about 2,750 – could be more depending on how demanding your job is. A good calorie goal to shoot for would be about 3,250 for a start.

That comes down to a daily allotment of 243/325/108 (P/C/F), then divide into six meals and you’re good to go. Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

Thanks for the advice. I’m trying to learn as much as I can, but until I’ve obtained a decent amount of knowledge, my main goals for nutrition are: ensure I get enough calories, eat enough protein, stay energized, and log everything I eat (and keep learning). As time goes on I’ll continue to tweak my diet to ensure that I’m eating balanced meals.

Based on your suggestion, it seems I really need to cut my carbs and up my fats (still experimenting). As of my fifth meal today the ratio was 25/66/9 (P/C/F).

Today’s log is here, feel free to comment or make suggestions: