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Ratio of Bench & Military Press


My bench press is 235 lbs, and my military press is 205 lbs. why do u think this is? most ppl that can military press 205 can bench over 300 lbs right?


You have weak triceps.

Strict military press 225x4 and pause bench 370.

We are talking standing with no leg drive correct?


The ratio will mostly depend on your goals and your training. If you do lots of benches but no overhead presses, don't expect your military press do go up that much.


I've read the ratio should be around 2/3rds to protect the shoulders. Mine is 120/225 so I've got a ways to go.


not that many people max out on a military press. If thats 1 rep max, then the ratio is not all that different. I've seen people rep out 185 yet have trouble benching 265


Seated shoulder barbell press 205 x 4. One rep max currently on bench press 300.



Wouldn't it be a weak chest since shoulders and triceps are used in both movements?