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Ratio for Hexadex 450 & Pentadex 300 & Ultradex 150


Hello everyone!

I have tried to make the following stuff, but unfortunately wasn’t successful. Any advise (especially ratio of ba/bb/gso/… would be really appreciated.

Hexadex 450

20mg test acetate,
30mg test prop,
50mg test phenylprop,
90mg test E,
95mg test C,
165mg test undecanoate

Pentadex 300

Testosterone propionate: 50 mg
Testosterone phenylpropionate: 50 mg
Testosterone enanthate: 60mg
Testosterone cypionate: 60 mg
Testosterone decanoate: 80 mg

Ultradex 150

50mg Trenbolone Acetate,
50mg Drostenolone propionate ,
50mg Test propionate

Basically these stuff’s formula comes from Sciroxx company and a friend of mine asked me to brew for him and i was wondering if u could advise me about ratio of ba,bb,gso,eo or other stuff needed.

Meanwhile, Do u think is there any sequence to add those testosterones or I could blend them at the same time before adding oil?
Thanks in advanced!


not a lot of homebrewers on here, I’m afraid. There’s other forums specifically for that purpose