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Ratio for Gaining Muscle


I just wanted to ask which ratio is best for gaining muscle e.g. 50:25:25


Assuming you mean macronutrient ratio, there is no golden formula but generally just having adequate(high) protein intake with adequate healthy fat content and good carbohydrates(fruits and vegetables) should give you the results you look for, provided that overall caloric intake is sufficient.

Personally I do a 40/30/30 P/C/F ratio, and it seems to be working so far, but it isn’t entirely critical that you have every single number exactly perfect.

The lifter’s mantra: Eat big and lift heavy.

I had an add on question…is there something important about carbs and building muscle? Would it work to be on a lower carb diet and just have higher protiens and fats? What is it about carbs that help build muscle then? It seems in the articles about PWO nutrition they encourage carbs just to stimulate the uptake of the protein, so are carbs necessary at other times of the day?

That is a debatable question. Some say that carbs in the morning and after a workout is optimal while others say only after a workout is needed.

Find what works for you and then nobody can tell you what works best because you will know.