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Ratio Confusion?


Ratio Confusion?

I know I might be over analyzing this but it is just the way my brain works. I think I have the 48 hour refeed down.

Based on 3000kcal..Refeed ratio would be..60% from cho - 1800kcal -450 grams, 30% from Fats -900kcal -100 grams and only 10% protein- 300kcal- 75 grams.

This is were I am getting confused�?� Based on 3000kcal. Monday-Friday. Cho- 120 kcal.- 30grams.
What are the protein ratios. Is it 1gram per lbm or 1.5 grams per lbm?

I can figure the fat percentage out once I know the protein and vice versa.
Or is the fat percentage at a certain ration say 70% or 80% and the protein just makes up the difference of the 3000kcal.

Any clarification would be great. Also the fat can come from any source? Sat fat, poly, mono fat. There is not ratio for the fat calories. Any and all fat is good?


Depends what are you trying to aim for. Me I personally think 1g of pro per lb is fine so Id go with that