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Yup. 1 year serious training after duel shoulder surgeries.

Sept.11th 2007= Front and Back Left bankart repair
December 21 2007= Front and Back Right arm Bankart Repair.

Currently trying to get back to College Football for next season.

Height:6 foot
19 years old

All the info is current as of this month

Deadlift:370 legit, 410 hitched
Bench: 300 (lol painfull as hell, never again)
Squat: ROM problems, cant back squat. Estimated 350-360

Random lifting, Important Athletic stuff:
Olympic Clean=220
Military Press=200
Pushups: 127 in a row
Fastest Time to 1,000 pushups: 52 minutes 7 seconds.
Mile Run= 5:22
14 Mile Run: 2 Hours 34 minutes
Up and down 11 stories of stairs 5 times: 10:01
BW Dips:36
BW Deadlift:38 reps
Legit Boxer Situps:71
Captains of Crush 1.5 closed, both hands.
GpA:3.5 lol
Farmers tan: Gone (fuck!)

Current Diet:
NO: HF,Lactose,Gluten,Hydrogenated fat,refined sugar
Mostly all Eggs, Vegetables, Lean meats, tons of fiberous stuff. Lots of Yogurt (Lactose is converted by Acidopholis)

Omega 3 to Omega 6 ration: 1-1

Current Supplements: 900 MG Fish Oil tabs, 6-7 a day
Acidophilus Cultures, B. Longum Cultures#
Saw Palmetto#
Vitamin B5#
Magnesium, Calcium#

-Trying to kill my acne off

Straight Luecine, Straight Creatine(60 grams of sugar for an insulin spike? I'll pass.)

Bout it. Let fly.


Wtf how do you attach more than one pic at a time?






From Side


Back of Legs


Artsy Artsy Artsy
All pics taken in a dorm room mirror, if your wonderin why Im standing on a chair for the leg shot lol


Well this is different, we are so used to so little info being posted. Congrats on continuing to workout after shoulder surgeries, although that bench seems iffy to me, it sounds as if you lifted that in the past and are not going to attempt to again.

What do you mean by depth issue on squats? Don't use being tall as the reason, but front squats should be something you could try instead. Having said that you do look like you work your legs.

You got a long way to go, but you have a good physique that I think this current rating of 3.3 doesn't fit. Nice job!


300 bench = legit last week.
Back of my shoulders "pop pop pop"
"ask Eric Cressey lol"
All those with shoulders consider yourselves blessed

More Pics comin I just saw Mr.pwrbarboy and Im here to represent the naturals :slight_smile:

ROM= my arms dont go backwards enough to hold the bar on my back. Its impossible lol (shoulder surgeries.)

UWEC has no buffalo bars.
I safety bared 330 over the summer and tossed out my c5 disk so fuck that thing.




Yeah, definitely a good job on posting an adequate amount of information.


Ya I know crazy eyes. Too lazy to take another one


Ya, Negative


What's a buffalo bar? Still doesn't mean ya can't front squat, what's your leg workout typically look like.

Good job on being able to shoulder press more then your bodyweight, and when did you figure out that 1000 pushup thing? Just playing around with some friends, saw it online, or just bored and wandered if you could do it.


Good job on getting back into things, I can't wait to start training again.

Just curious, how did you screw up your shoulders?


Leg Workout:
Olympic Cleans:
15 singles x180 rest 5-10 seconds tween reps
10 singles at 200, same rest
15 singles at 180, same rest

Deep front squats+explosive dl basically

3 sets of
Hanging straight leg raises x 10
followed by
Hamstring back extension, bw +25 to 50 pounds

Calve raise 360+Bw on donkey machine for 90 reps,alternating feet position every 30

Sprint back to dorm (like 400 yards) , take off up the stairs, 5 x up and down 11 stories of stairs, breathe.

lol im gonna get hated on but this is the only thing I do that isn't crossfit styled.

H.I.T. all the way baby!


For the pushups, its just an original deal. Try doing it.
Start a timer, have some water near by, and just start doing pushups.

I think I averaged about 30 a minute.
So, 30 seconds pushups, 30 seconds rest, repeat repeat repeat.

Most "weightlifters" will have a holy shit moment after about 10 sets.


Shit, I can see how people can get like 10,000 posts this is kinda addictive.

Shoulders=Genetic looseness + High school wrestling.

10 dislocations left arm, 11 right arm. I used to get my arm ripped out, pop it back in, and win matches lol.

Got my arm popped out during last day of two-a-days for college football last year, trainer caught it, made me get looked at by a doctor. 3 weeks later, first operation. Wouldn't let me play less I got it done.

U coming off a shoulder injury? 2 words: BODY SQUATS


Bet that's a good way to get some growth if you need an extra boost.

Nice physique though, keep up the work.


Looking pretty solid.