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Rating Rate My Physique


Shoot this down if you want... but there are some wild inconsistencies in the rating of most users here. I suggest reading this first:

1 = Troll, or acting like a cunt or not posting a full set of pics.
2 = Why did you bother?
3 = You messed up somewhere.
3.5-4.5 = You messed up, but we'll help!
5 = Average, here's some advice.
6 = Some muscle, good job, here's some limited advice.
7 = Good muscle, well defined, you know what to do next.
8 = Needs some tweaking for contest shape, but impressive!
8.5-9 = Contest worthy, and damn good job!
9+ = You should be pro!! We bow before your physique (no homo).

DO NOT lower your rating because someone used AAS or because you think they might have, this is IRRELEVANT. Also, don't take their training or progress into account when rating either. Hand out advice, but it shouldn't affect your rating.

This is "Rate My PHYSIQUE", not "Criticize My AAS/Training/Wallpaper".

Flaming and hating is expected if you don't post a full set of pics. It's all outlined in the other sticky.



I agree totaly!!

..... (btw, I had to give the bear a 9 :stuck_out_tongue: )


I have seen a lot of 1s


Also, I would add 1 thing.

Don't rate based on the progress made. I've seen a lot of formerly overweight individuals get 6s and 7s based on the fact that they have lost a lot of weight. While I enjoy success stories as much as anyone else, the end physique is what should be rated.




Agreed. I'll add something in then!


I think your rating system looks very good.

I agree that it is best to be objective and rate the "end result".

If people want their progress rated (before vs. now...ie: weight loss or going from a beanpole to slightly less of a beanpole) it might be best to post in the Performance Photos section. That way the ratings don't get skewed.


This discussion started in another thread, I didn't want to keep hijacking it. Then I thought to myself, well this should probably be debated on then stickied in this sub-section of the forum.

And here we are!


Is it worth getting this stickied?


You always manage a picture or gif, don't ya?


I have a reputation to uphold.


Good post. I have nothing to add. This should be stickied. I like your rating system. Physiques should definitely be judged for what they are, not where they have come from or how they got there. And yes, 10s should only be handed out to people like Kiyoshi Moody who are obviously pro-status.


Yeah, I see what you mean. I too have seen alot of people who were fat and lost weight get 6 or 7's as well. I'll add something. I also noticed that older people who are in decent shape also recieve higher ratings than younger people who obviously look better. I think sometimes it's easy to be biased to give an older guy who's "in shape" a higher rating than some of the younger guys who are in better shape.

The rating system should be as it is said in the section; a 1-10 rating of someone's physique, nothing more. If your old then you're going to have to try a little harder. Nothing against our older members.


I have to agree with all the above, (wow, that's rare). Rate on what pictures are posted, I come here now and again to see what physiques others here on the board are sporting, and all I ever see are endless discussions on what program the poster should be on. Personally I could care less if you squat on friday.




Yes, you are very creative


I meant so we could could some semblance of consistency.


Might as well take this thread for what it is- a joke. No matter what we say people are NOT going to read the rules first and will continue to post their myspace and eharmony pics.


This is about how you RATE, not how you post.


Makavali, great post. It should be stickied. I also think that people should not rate anyone who fails to put up the required photos (front, back, legs, etc). Some people roll in here with one picture and end up with good ratings.