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Rates of Nutrient Absorption


Has anyone come across a resource that details the rate in which different nutrients are absorbed into the body? Also, a list of any inhibiting factors that may delay that rate of absorbtion (E.g. exercise, flu, etc.)

I realise this is a bit of broad topic but I was hoping someone may know of a website or resource.




I know one thing that if you mix whey with food such as cereal or Milk is messes with the PH levels in the food causing it to digest faster and it messes up the absorption rate of the food..

I use to make an 10oz shake of skim milk with a scoop of whey and then pour that into my cereal as the milk.. and it makes it feel like u barley ate anything.. its better to sip on a protein shake and have cereal with just skim milk as the digestion is normal as a low GI carb would...

its good to have ur slow digesting carbs before a workout to get ur body some good glyocgen building to use it up in the gym :slight_smile:


Just a quick bump on this one. Anyone with some insight?