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Rate Your Supplements


i used:
Gold Standard Whey protein 7\10
(GNC) Creatine Monohydrate 9\10
(Natrol) Omega-3 fish oil 8\10

i started using ZMA today


Jamieson Vit D - 8/10
Webber Omega 3 - 9/10 good % and cheap
Isoflex Protein Powder - 9/10 Expensive but very tasty and good quality

Looking to get ZMA, and BCAA.

I'm in Canada so can't order from T-Nation, it's too expensive.


Surge Workout Fuel (just about through my first bottle) 10/10
Fish Oil 10/10


Where in Canada ?

Close to the border? - ship to a receiver, bring it across yourself.

If you really want - Throw away all receipts and packaging, make it look like you went down there to compete in some kind of sport. You're just some nut who likes to bring a gym bag of supplements around with him. For added credibility leave it on the passenger seat right beside you in plain sight.


I use
ON Whey Protein 7/10
ON Casein Protein 7/10
GNC Mass XXX - 8/10
Cytosports Power Milk - 7/10
NOW Complex Food Multivitamin - 8/10 - twice a day
VPX NO Shotgun - 7/10 - Preworkout
VPX Synthasize - 7/10 - During workout

Lots of protein but I don't take all of everyday.


Yeah just tell 'em that all you eat "are them there supplements 'cause the world is full of toxins."


last week i started increasing my dose to (200mg\day) of Zinc, and i just wanted to say DAMN!! i feel a difference in both Libido and Gym performance: i rate Zinc in high doses:10\10 definitely try it!


MGN Whey: 7/10 Cheap, tastes reasonably good, not sure on the quality. Did I mention that it's cheap?
MGN Huge Impact: 8/10. New product, clearly in the experimental phases. One batch was incorrectly made and gave me a bad reaction, but otherwise it's done reasonably well.

Fish Oil: 10/10
ZMA: hard to say...I've been taking it for a month, and I don't notice that much of a difference...who knows. I take a basic multi, and I feel like some of the ZMA hype might just be...well..hype.
Creatine: 10/10

Since I mentioned another brand of product, I should say that if I had more money I would be buying Biotest no question.


You might want to get tested for your zinc status. I'm thinking about doing it.


are you talking about the zinc tally test?


i also wish to be able to buy from Biotest, but they don't ship to Egypt :frowning:


whoa. 200 mg/day? i take 30 mg zinc picolinate and my levels close to ideal...

what kind are you taking?


i take 8 capsules\day of this supp eipico.com.eg/PRODUCT.ASP?id1=23&id2=3%20&id4=3
read this article for more info on taking a high dose of zinc http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/fight_the_tkilling_toxins


Anaconda: 9/10
SWF: 10/10
MAG-10: 9/10
Finibar: 20/10 (yes they are that good)
GPC: 10/10 (I can actually feel the pulsatile GH release... just kidding)
FA3/Flameout: 10/10 (always stay leaner when I take these, no question)
ReceptorMax: 8/10 (I just loves how this covers me for ALCAR, R-ALA, and CoQ10; what I don't like is how I smell all maple-syrupy and it also gives a burning in my esophagus when I don't drink enough water)
Low Carb Metabolic Drive: 7/10 (something about the taste just feels off... too much of some sweetener I guess, and it always doesn't feel right in my stomach)
Grow! Whey: 9/10
Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth: 10/10
ZMA: 7/10
Elite Mineral: 9/10
Spike Tablets: 5/10 (my piss always smells like Spike for like the next 6 hours, and I don't like the type of feeling I get from it... much better off with regular caffeine pills)

...I'm not taking all of these right now

...and yes I'm a Biotest whore, eat me.


Are you cumming all over the place? Yes I did wrote cum. As in Peter North Shots.


Hello, my name is Stu, and I am a Biotestaholic....




Never failed me.


There was a study done in turkey were wrestelers took 3mg/kg of bw for 4 weeks, and they had impressive increases...total test increases from 500ng to 700ng....and free test increases from 25ng to 35ng...

However, it is very possible that these athletes were highly defifient in zinc....and since they did not do a 30mg dose group, we don't know if high doses are even warranted...


i think it affected me more frequency wise


I second the tyrosine notion... Life-changer for me