Rate your Diet 1-10

Regardless of training style, goal , etc, How would you rate your diet on a scale of 1-10?

Mine probably a 4

I am just curious to see if others struggle to eat what they should.


i’m pretty regimented…eat a set amount of macros/cals everyday…I’ve figured out how to be flexible with the diet yet still hit my numbers everyday…everything i eat is usually for a specific purpose…

there are some things i could do to make it better, but i don’t have the money nor time to truly optimize my diet…I could probably eat more fiber/vegetables as well, but i don’t…

what i do is good enough to get good results and that is all i care about really…

It’s hard to say unless we define it…

Mine is about a 2. I eat what I want whenever I want it. I have a major sweet tooth. Really undisciplined.

Edit - after writing this, I’m about to have a tub of Ben and jerrys cookie dough.

When I was bulking last year 5 or 6 out of 10, I’d always get enough protein but I basically ate what I wanted. I still avoided sugary shit but ate a lot of things that put me into a carby coma.

Now that I’m cutting 7 or 8, much more strict.


  1. Really nasty streak since I left my job to go back to school. Before that, I had my meals packed up and was eating good solid protein filled meals 3-4 times a day at work with a shake or two, plus a solid breakfast bright and early in the AM and a good dinner. All clean food.

Now I’m lucky if I eat breakfast before 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I still try to get it in, but end up drinking a couple shakes then having a couple big meals. I’m not getting any fatter, but I’m also not getting leaner, or more muscular. My protein intake has been probably under 1g/lb bw. I also end up eating some crap on the weekends, chips, cinnamon rolls, waffles, pretty much whatever my girlfriend has laying around or makes me. Plus, I’ve been boozing a bit on the weekends which I didn’t do before.

Right now, my only goal is get in protein (~240g) and eat clean, i.e. meat and vegetables plus fats with some cleaner carbs after training, i.e. bread, rice, potatoes, maybe some pasta during the week. I give myself a couple crappier meals on the weekend with a bit of alcohol to unwind and I’m pretty happy with life.

One thing I have been doing reliably, is a Metabolic Drive shake with some psylium before bed. No matter how much I ate or didn’t the day before, I take a nice shit in the morning and life is good.

10 when having a specific goal, at a specific time in the near future

9 for the weeks following the specific date of the set goal.

10 why would I follow a diet that is a 6?

At this moment in time with my current knowledge my diet is a 10… if choose to follow it is a different story.

3 or 4

Probably around 8

There are many things I would change if it were feasible. I would eat all grass fed beef, free range naturally raised poultry and pork etc, nothing grain fed (which would cost way more than I could afford)

That along with a cheat here or there = -2

Normally, about a 9. When prepping for a show, 10/10. I leave nothing to chance, preplan and calculate everything, and crave results before taste, or satiety of hunger pains.


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
…crave results before taste.


I like that Stu!