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wear this and train with gain

put the f*cking pics before every one flames you. Nice pecs.

Good physique… need a back shot at least

wear this and train with gain

Pretty good work man. If I HAD to nitpick Id say your traps lag somewhat. But overall pretty good job.

Great work, def need to bring your traps up, thicken up your neck, but besides that keep up the great work…gave you a 6

Why did you change your screen name, abdallah?


And this is not the first time you’ve refused to put up a leg pic either.

But youve definitely thickened up a LOT. YOur waist looks thicker as well, so i take it youre hitting the deadlifts. Good job, bro.

Hey man looking good. Not that it matters but still no legs


Wasn’t that back pic posted in another thread already?

Sorry must not have been posted at the time I posted.

A lot of people here short change themselves by not knowing how to pose and not knowing how to upload the necessary pics.

Its kind of like doing something with 25% effort. This guys’ physique looks impressive like most folks are saying, but no legs, no numbers, diet (not just supplements) means no real rating and some flaming. Plus, if you posted before then you should know by now what the expectations are behind this forum.

maybe he is just looking for “sponsors”