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hey all

Day 1 (Back and Bi’s)
Lat Pull Downs 3 sets x 8 reps
Narrow grip chin ups 3 sets x 8 reps
Iso lateral rows 3 sets x 6
Lateral rows 3 sets x 6
Preacher 3 sets x 6
Hammer Curls 3 sets x 6

Day 2 (Chest+ tris)
Flat Bench dumbbell press 3 sets with descending reps (starting from 10, ascending weights)
Flys 3 setsx 8 reps
Incline Smith Machine Bench 3 sets x descending reps
Cable Cross overs 3 sets x 8
Tricep push downs 3 sets x 8
Dips 3 sets x 8 or 10

Day 3 ( back and Bis)

Day 4 (chest and tris)

Day 5 Legs
Squats 3x 10
Leg Press 3x10
Hamstring curls 3 x 10
Calf raises 3 x 6
Lunges 3 x 8

Day 6 (either chest+tris or back and bis)

Day 7 rest

I know the smith machine is not particularly good for you, but im a solo gym kid now as my friend has opted just to do sit ups to get brad pitted.

If you don’t have awesome genetics and/or are on a ton of juice that seems like too much frequency. Just do each workout once a week with rest days structured however you want.

Why train your legs once a week while doing each of your 2 upper body workouts 2.5 times a week? You should train them equally, something like:

Day 1 - Chest-tri
Day 2 - Back-bi
Day 3 - Rest
Day 4 - Legs
Day 5 - Rest
*repeat cycle

Brad Pitted or Leonidased?

^^ haha, either way he loses.

So apart from frequency, is the actual content good enough? like what else do i need to add?

I don’t think you need to add. In fact, I think you need to subtract. You placed too much drop sets in chest day for example. Furthermore, you have too many quad exercises and too little hamstring exercises. Finally, you don’t have deadlifts.

Deadlifts 3x8
Squats 3x8
Leg Curls 3x10
Calf raises 3x15

Remember, isolation exercises should have more reps than compound movements. Furthermore, do compound movements before isolations (dips also hit the chest and shoulders a lot, not just the triceps).

You need Deadlifts in you routine as this builds most of your width. I like training my back on its own day as I put a hell of a lot into it. As Victor Martinez says on back day you should walk out of there with your Bi’s ripped because of the intensity on your back. Also on chest/tris day either your chest excercises or tricep excercises will suffer if using high intensity.

[quote]downunder wrote:
As Victor Martinez says on back day you should walk out of there with your Bi’s ripped because of the intensity on your back. [/quote]

I was just thinking the same thing. I do Waterbury’s TBT (Love it BTW), and my biceps get a good pump leaving the gym without any direct work at all. Lat pull downs or pull ups, rows, you name it… mine get hit great.

OP, why don’t you get a premade routine from one of the many professionals on this site? The set/rep schemes are varied and the workouts are balanced in terms of movement patterns, for you.

Do a search for the Total Body Training (TBT) workout or the Push-Pull workout by TC.

Sounds good but…day 3 should not be back and bi again and day 4 should not be chest and tri…you need 48 hrs of recovery before you can train the same muscle groups

Somebody must love their “tris and bis”

honestly he sounds like he just started lifting… why has only like one person told him to not do it???

cmon guys he’s more likely to hurt himself then even get nooob gains like that.

Stick to heavy compounds 3 day total body or a 4 day upper/lower