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Ok so I have a workout rack that I got my Dicks Sporting Goods which is a big squat rack that also has pullies and a bar for lat pulldowns, bench presses, pec flys... you have seen these before.

My goals is mostly body-building but also some strength as I may start some MMA soon

So this is my thinking for the first month:


6x4 - Squats
6x4 - Bench press
6x4 - bent over rows
6x4 - Lat pulldowns
6x4 - Barbell Curls
6x4 - Tricep Pushdowns



Minus the whipping the hose, as I wont have a hose

Protein shake with creatine after every workout


Spot on, you should be jacked in no time!


I personally would try something more like
Monday-Lower Body

Wednesday-Upper Body
Bench Press:4x5
Barbell Row/Lat Pulldown:4x8
Military Press:4x5
Barbell Curl:3x8
Nose Breakers:3x8




Isn't that rep range too small? You want mass first, 8-12 reps. Then you'll have lots of muscle to strengthen with 1-6 reps and isometrics.


I heard for size you want more sets, less reps.


Well the general rule is lower reps more sets for strength and lower sets more reps for hypertheropy.


if your going to be doing MMA you might want to focus on strength, mobility, flexibility and speed.


You heard wrong.

1-6 strength 6-12 mass 12+ endurance