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Rate This TRT Protocol, Best Solution for Most Men?

Hi , i am a endo student , and i am also on trt , i tried Many of TRT protocols , and recently there was some studies on “Deca only trt” but it´s not a safe thing yet for people to try , and it made me think in the usage if deca or npp on trt and after thinking alot , i came to a conclusion , that this protocol is the most stable one when thinking about estrogen issues , hair loss, libido loss and well being , take a look :

Problems solved :
High Estrogen - (Stable test dose - 150mg test every 6 days )
if estrogen high , reduce to 100mg

High Libido - (0.5ml NPP every 3 days - 100mg week)
Low DHT conversion (low test dose and Nandrolone is Low androgenic Hormone)

Dosage and timming:
0.5ml NPP every 3 days
0.3ml test Cyp every 3 days

What to expect :
Good Libido
Low Estrogen
None to reduced Hair Loss
Good Muscle Preservation
No AI needed

Possible Issues:
Slightly higher blood pressure (some cases)
High prolactin (some cases , but not much of a problem)
Maybe too much nandrolone dosage per week?

In your guys opinion, would you change something?

I have to ask. What exactly does this mean?


Kinda off topic but okay , i mean that i didnt learn endocrinology from university , all things i learned was by research , reading , watching videos , especially from anabolic Doc… etc

On yourself or others? Doesn’t seem to be possible if on yourself.

High estrogen doesn’t seem to pose a problem in a lot of guys. And in fact can make them feel better when testosterone is also high. That said, it can be problematic in others. which is why a custom approach is necessary for every individual. Point being, a protocol change shouldn’t be motivated entirely by estrogen lab numbers.

0.5mL is a volume, not a dose.
0.3mg is a dose, but for test it is essentially 0

Not sure what you’re trying to say.

I don’t know what is you problem with the off topic answers to my question but ill answer your answers anyways , first one , yes on myself , not “thousands” but its a way to describe many sir.

second , normal test levels 300-1100 ng/dl , if estrogen is high (there are cases where people do aromatize more , yes it can be a problem , as it slightly bloats you with water and you end up with less free testosterone , that why AI increase free test , as you can find in several studies and it’s just logic , you don’t need to think much

third , NPP Standart DOSE per ml is 100mg , if you think twice, you can see that im talking about 50mg , as not all people do not know how much is 50mg in a CC of NPP
I mean 0.3ml , topic fixed

now please , let people answer my question and not your curiosity

It means he has a degree in broscience.

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Seems like your teacher didn’t really know what he was teaching.

Please, if you ever get arrested, don’t appoint yourself as your own lawyer.:rofl:

Not really , broscience is about other people opinions which actually i don’t hear much , i do like to read studies , thats why i came to the conclusion of this topic , because nandrolone it self is very usefull when talking about trt

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First time I agree with Gossamer.
This thread is a joke.

Why 6 days? Why not just per week? You don’t say which ester of T you plan on using, but just seems weird

As stated above, this isn’t a dose, and there’s many different concentration & types of testosterone, so this could be anything.

Totally agree

Somehow I don’t believe that you’ve never agreed with anything I’ve said in this forum.

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To reword this more accurately:

You’re a 20-year old kid who started using steroids for your “bodybuilding career” at age 19 (if not before), throughly fucked up your physiology and suffered a slew of side effects so much that you literally said you regretted starting anabolics, and yet still somehow think it’s “off-topic” for people to ask why you think your Youtube-based self-education was sufficient.


Apparently I’m a self taught carpenter, chef, electrician, plumber, mathematician, astronaut, endocrinologist, surgeon and midwife.

As other people have said, this is a volume, not a dose.

The fact some people don’t know means its on you as the communicator to put your message across clearly. 50mg means more than 0.5ml to everyone when talking about pharmacological compounds.

I’ve been watching a lot of investing videos and my family is buying a house.
By that logic, I must be a self taught financial planner and real estate agent!

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I, too, watch stuff on YouTube