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Hi all, I'm wondering what the members of T-Nation thing of this lifting routine.

Workout A:

1) Legs - Squats

2a) Pull (Downward) (eg Lat Pulldowns, Chin-ups, Pull-ups etc)
2b) Push (Forward) (eg Push Ups, DB flat bench press, etc)

3a) Pull (Upwards) (eg Shrug Rows, High Pulls, Slight bent rows, etc)
3b) Dynamic Core (eg Leg Lifts, Axe chops etc)

Workout B:

1) Legs - Deadlifts

2a) Push (Downwards) (eg Decline press, dips, cable downward press, etc)
2b) Pull (Toward) (eg Seated rows, single arm rows, bent over rows, etc)

3a) Static Core - (eg planks, bridges, etc)
3b) Push (Upwards) (eg Standing overhead press, incline DB press, etc)

-Alternate Workout A and Workout B with one day of rest in between
-Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps while supersetting (except squats and deadlifts)
-Superset between exercises labeled 2a and 2b and between 3a and 3b
-Choose a weight that you will fatigue by the 11th-12th rep

Can I have everyone's opinion on this workout?


Uhm... what is it?
I can't even figure out what your goal is from that.

Sometimes it looks like TBT, but it's missing the "Total-Body" part.


I too am not sure what this even is.

Without knowing any more information, your goals, etc, I would say that you are overcomplicating this whole process of building muscle or bodybuilding, since you did post this in the bodybuilding forum.


Why refer to every angle that you can push or pull from , to or into when you can just focus on the muscle you plan on working? Where did you come up with this? It's like you're trying so hard to categorize something as push or pull that you've lost sight of what you're actually trying to accomplish.


I would rate this program as a solid 8... Maybe even a 9

EDIT: scale is out of 100


Has the OP ever lifted weights before?


This is a weight lifting routine given to me by someone else. I was wondering what people thought of it with my primary goal being to lose fat. I don't understand how I can represent the information any differently. The routine consist of two different workouts.

Workout A


Workout B

The information on how to do each workout is labelled right underneath it's label. The person who gave it to me suggest I rotate between each workout with a day of rest in between. So for example I'd do Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday and Workout A again on Friday.

SSC: No, I've never lifted weights before.

Is there something I didn't make clear?


That was a serious question, so I'm glad you answered it.

I think the program is pretty dumb, to be honest. If you have fat loss as your primary goal then you should be spending as much time in the gym as possible (That is... DAYS, not hours.)

Get on a split.

Day 1 - Chest + Front/Lateral Delts
Day 2 - Legs
Day 3 - Back + Rear Delts
Day 4 - Arms

Or some kind of variation of that, doesn't really matter. Do yourself a favor and read some of the stickies at the top of the Bodybuilding forum, and go from there.

Your current 'program' just sounds like a bunch of Waterbury theoretical "this should be this" (but actually isn't) type of program.


The fact that youre only lifting 3 times a week is a joke. Each of those days would take me roughly 25 minutes to complete.

Youre a rank beginner. Go to the beginners section and read a lot there. And then when youve finished that, read the stickied threads in the bodybuilding forum.

Stop posting absurdities in the bodybuilding forum

The more I look at it the more it makes my head spin. None of it makes sense at all. Its like the south park episode where the manatees pick out random jokes and references to make fun of family guy. There is no rhyme or reason to anything in those workouts.


Lifting 3 times a week for a beginner is a joke? I don't understand where you're coming from with that statement. What part of this post is "absurd"? This is a basic push/pull routine given to me by someone else and I'm here asking people to rate it. If there is something wrong with the routine you mind telling me what it is other then making irrelevant references to TV shows?


lol, nice job ACatigbe. Thick skin, you'll do well here.


Dude, Bonez is an experienced lifter who knows what he's doing and talking about. Everyone else so far has agreed your program is fucking retarded. Seriously, what he says is true. What you're doing makes NO SENSE whatsoever.

Question, what does the guy who gave you the routine look like? Is he big? Is he in shape? Is he naturally in shape? i.e., has he ever had to work for it? You may want to reconsider your sources and listen to people who walk the walk, because any 165 lb frat bro can tell you everything about lifting... because of some totally AW3SOME article he read on some random fitness site.

/thread, but I really doubt it.


You asked for a rating, and people gave their opinions. Don't get your panties in a bunch because people aren't gung ho for it.

As a beginner, you have so much potential to make great muscle gains and fat loss simultaneously and you're just throwing it away with that routine.

Your legs aren't getting nearly enough attention, you're completely neglecting your arms, there's hardly any volume in there, that is NOT a push/pull just because you do a push followed by a pull movement, not to mention the next superset being a push or pull and core pairing.

It's like the "guy who gave it to you" didn't know if he wanted to do TBT or push/pull so he did some kind of poor mutant variation.

You got good advice for a split already, or you can just look at the stickied threads you were directed to, or look for some big dudes here and look at their splits.


Are you here to listen to the opinions of people that know what they're talking about (Bonez) or to defend your shitty routine?


Since the first day I started lifting I was in the gym 5 times a week. Over the years that has varied between 4 and 6 times depending on what I had going on in my life.

Ill ask you this. Why do you think 3 days is ENOUGH? Thats less than half of the week. Youre going to spend more than half of the days of the yaer out of the gym and expect to make serious progress? Or are you planning to make progress as slow as possible?

There is nothing basic about your rotuine. The pressing and pulling stuff are split up on different days, that alone makes it abnormal. Super setting is from from basic, and is completely unnecessary for a beginner.

All youre doing for legs is squats and deadlifts. Thats not enough.

I keep scrolling back up to the routine you layed out and I really dont even know where to start. Its unfixable. Its complete trash.

Start over. Actaully, dont design your own routine if you cant figure out why the one you wrote about is not ideal for a beginner.


I never said Bonez didn't know what he was talking about, nor am I trying to defend a "shitty" routine. I'm just asking that if he thinks there is something wrong with it I'd like to know what it is. Instead, he just seems to be letting out random frustration on me. I obviously believe that the people on this forum are experienced and that's why I'm coming here with my questions but I refuse to be on the receiving side of unwarranted pent up frustration.




The rest of the post was good but just a small thing about this part, just a comment.

Trying to create a routine ACCORDING to certain labels is a horrible idea. A routine should be made to hit each bodypart in a calculated manner. The label should be applied AFTER the split and exercises have been selected.

There is no magic in the terms "push" and "pull" or "tbt". Theyre titles. Like the title of a book. You dont title an essay before you write it. You have an idea what you want to create, you create it, then you label it for easy reference.


The person who gave me the routine is in fantastic shape (atleast by my own metric) and has a doctorates in physical therapy.


Go to the beginners forum, people will actually give you answers you want. This is more an area to discuss things amongst lifters who are already experienced. People have much more patience in the beginners forum and will help you out there (maybe even Bonez).