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Rate this protein... Is it crap or what?

I am seriously considering puchasing some bulk milk and egg protein. Issue I have are the main ingredients. I was hoping for some T-maggers’ opinions. They are in descending order, whey protein concentrate, pure crystalline fructose, calcium caesseinate, egg albumin, vanilla flavoring. Serving size (3TBSP) Protein 21g, Carb 29g, Fat 1.5g.

The ingredient that scares me is the crystalline fructose. To me that sounds like pure sugar and by the looks of the carb count it is. Honestly though what attracted me was the cost and the taste. Of course it tastes good with all the sugar. I am looking for some opinions. I think I already know the answer but I’ll throw it out there anyways. Thanks for the replies.

Concentrated whey is not of the highest quality and the fructose will make you fat if you are consuming this drink many times per day. The only things I see that are good about this protein is the calcium caseinate which you can get in other proteins and egg albumin which you can get from eggs. Spend your money wisely.