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Rate This Cycle. What is Tbol Like?

8 weeks 500 test, 300 deca weekly. 50mg dbol ed, after i see doc . I just went from 304 to 290 on 3 weeks bp down 124 over 78 last check , going to start in oct after my blood test. Then long stack plus winny or tbol? And why is anadrol so cheap ? I have huge frame good muscle memory at 250 i look like athlete. Want to be 250 10 percent bf by March

8 weeks isn’t really long enough if you’re running deca. Most people would recommend 12 weeks minimum for deca to really get the most out of it. You can run the dbol for 8 weeks no problem.

I have no idea why anadrol is cheap. Maybe it’s an easy compound to synthesize.

I’ve never run tbol, but it’s certainly a tried and true steroid, probably can’t go wrong with it.

To add onto what @flipcollar said, use NPP instead of deca if you want to do 8 weeks. Dbol at 25mg/day plus 300 NPP plus 500mg prop would make for a really good bulker, but you can cut on it too. It’s really all about diet and training.

Personally if I were trying to cut I’d keep the deca/NPP but switch the dbol for winny.

Ive tried deca, a cycle then laurabolin , it came in a 100mg bottle 25mg/ml, helped hold gains ofg dbol cycle, mex vet. I did my first cycle 23 years ago, got better shit now. After some thought 500 test enathate, 50 dbol, Maybe some tren e low dose, for eight week strength cycle. Like a powerbodybuilding cycle increase strength in a total of 12 lifts in total of 3-4 days a week. Phase one. I always have best cut cycle after strength cycle. Plus ive ran tren, dbol, test cycle before exellent. Then 8 weeks testosterone propionate 100mg, npp 100mg , eod then 30mg winny ed, tbol takes a while to kick in , i have had good results with winny stick with it. I might run cycle for three months instead of two then go on my trt a month out from doc.

I’ve used tbol several times - got a ton of it at a discount a while back and still going through it all. I like it, gives a decent strength and size bump without going nuts. Personally, I have lowered my dosing each time due to painful back pumps. Currently use it at 30mg/day, have gone as high as 60. 60 brought on the pumps quicker, at 30-40 I can get 4-5 weeks before the pumps start to bother me. I’ve been bouncing on and off tbol for the last few months, but then I am on TRT so it just gives a nice bump without having to worry about shutdown and recovery - it is mild in that regard and easy to recover from, but PCT is still a good idea (you’re talking about a stack anyway, so that was more aimed at someone using it solo or with test). Don’t typically see a lot of bloat with it, but lately I have noticed more fluid pooling in my legs/feet - when I take my boots off at the end of the day, I see a bigger swell around the top of my boots/socks than previously. No real acne to speak of.