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Rate This 12 Week Transformation


I understand that there is room for improvement. However, I just finished the most intense 12 weeks of training i've ever been a part of. My diet was the best i could possibly achieve.

I had zero cheat days, meals or even bites! I also had zero off days. I trained for 13 weeks straight, often double sessions. My goal was simple, loose as much fat as possible while retaining as much muscle as possible in the time frame.








alright, i've made a mess out of this thread. But, i'd still like feed back. This was done as part of a transformation contest that i'm currently losing. Thats why im holding a dang knife and fork. It was for authenticity validation.


lol you look like an axe murderer with the beard.

Your back looks stupid in your avatar, great physique overall

What did your diet/cardio look like on your cut?


spill the beans - how did you do it?


Excellent transformation. I'm currently doing two a days 6 times a week. I'm mostly struggling with keeping my energy up for the second session in the afternoon, I try to get in enough high quality carbs throughout the day, for the most part though I just get bloated and end up feeling sick... I've never been good with carbs in general.

How did you keep your energy up?


Great job - looking ripped with some decent size. Excellent conditioning and shape. Tell us about your 12 weeks....


You should post leg shots too.

What is your weight and height at the current time? How much did you start out at before the cut?


This is pretty admirable! Congrats, you obviously did this right!


p.s. would love to see the routine/foodz, and the wheels.


How are you losing this contest? Good work!


How are you losing this contest? Good work!


If you had held a shoe you'd be winning for sure!


As everyone has stated. Great job. And would also love to hear all the details.


Great job man.
How do you know you're loosing?
I fail to see how someone is beating you unless they started out so fat that they hadn't seen the ground in years and are now down to 5%.


that beard could kill someone.


x2. If you're losing, I'd love to see whoever is beating you. Awesome job!




losing because at the last minute the decision was made to make the voting occur on facebook...two problems

1.) i dont have a facebook account
2.) accompanying the poll is a copy of my log. This outlines my "supplement" use. Which is something that I endorse but not something I care to bring to my grandmothers attention. (yes shes on facebook and would clearly find me within minutes if i created an account)

Will answer questions about training and diet a bit later.

Thanks for following everyone