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Rate These Protein Powders


Does anyone have any thoughts on which is better: EAS 100% Whey or Designer Protein?

Or, if anyone has any other recommendations, that would be great too.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.




I personally like Biotest's Grow!.


hhhhhmmmm.. did you happen to click on the product page and see Grow! Protein Powder?


WTF? Is this no longer the Biotest forum?

Mod Note: Of course it is, but we are confident enough in our products to allow the question.


I'll go on a limb and be non biased: Here's the deal. You could buy one of these shit whey concentrate powders at costco for $20 for 6lbs. It tastes like ass even if you use it with whole milk, which you wouldn't always want to do anyway.

Or you could go with a little bit better whey isolate at your local GNC. But you're gonna pay $40 for 2 lbs of it, and there's no casein in it.

Or you could order here online and get 2lbs of a casein /isolate blend for $23.

Personally it's kind of hard for me to go with the first two. Happy hunting.


I actually prefer soy protein. Just buy a shit load of Slim Fast shakes.

Soy Rules!!!



It helps me grow big breasts!!


WTF? You registered in 2002, this is your first post, and you ask this question?

(Hint, hint...use the edit button to the right of your post to change your question to a better one...)


I think he is only mentioning those because had he included Grow! there wouldn't be a debate.




I would say Designer Protein out of those two.

But then if you include Grow! into the contest, it kicks the ever-living shit out of both of them. It is also less expensive. And as an added bonus, you can easily order it on this website and it will be at your door in 3 days or less. Hmmmmmmm, this is a mind boggling decision you have to make here.


in my opinion Higher Power, and ON Gold Standard...best i've tried


He doesn't even have to put Grow! on there for there to not be a debate.

You could ask: "rate these motherfuckers on a list" and people would just go

1, Grow!
3, Grow! etc

Maybe we should just have a standard with each response. Every response to a question should start 'now we all know that Grow! is manna from the heavens, and anyone who dares not use Grow! is obviously a moron, but lets pretend it didn't exist for a second'.

You can't get a straight answer out of anyone. Here Spike is the shiznit, but over there Spike is the devil. The XBOX v PS2 debate extends to supplement companies as well, and we are all supplement nerds.


Assuming you can't import Grow! products, I'd go with EAS. I've never used it before, but Designer Whey was ass when I tried it years ago so EAS will either be as bad or only slightly better.

If it's whey you want, Surge has it, too. I'm sure people know this, right?


Just to add: I used to use ON. But it also became hellishy expensive here. I now use EAS 100% Whey. Tastes great and mixes easily, and is well priced. For casein I use CC (before bed).


Have you even bothered to try Grow!?


You too? Mine are really coming along so nicely. I'm thinking of hitting Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break this year and dominating the wet t-shirt contests.


100% all natural ON whey and casein are my favorite.


Soy isn't bad for you.It's how it's processed.Soy doesn't make you grow breasts.A lot of asian men sure have breasts! Thats a bunch of crap.The meat and dairy industry is just pissed off because they're losing money.

I consume whey,casein,and soy.They're all good proteins.Read up about soy.It's just as good as whey and casein,in my opinion.I mix mine though.This is a common ingredient in soy protein shakes: Hexane.Hexane is often used,which is a petroleum solvent similar to gasoline.These chemicals remain in the shakes causing some serious health problems.