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Rate the Candidates


You can take a survey here and see which candidates match your views, ranked as a percentage:


Takes about 2 minutes or so...


Kerry 92%, bush 11%

Go figure...


Bush 100%
Edwards 54%
Kerry 50%


Bush 100%


Bush 100%


haha.. it says kucinich is my man.. yet i would never vote for him... department of peace? please!

bring in colin powell and ill vote republican... kerry's my man for now


I took this about a month ago, and from what I remember I got 100% bush.

Most of the questions are worded poorly however and some are slanted towards the democratic candidates.


Bush 100%
Kerry 39%


Mine was Kerry 100% (!), Edwards 95%, and yet my favorite quote today about Kerry is by Mickey Kaus:

"The predictability of Kerry's flip-flopping gives him an odd sort of meta-consistency. You could set your watch by this guy! And I do think Kerry's pandering flips, of which this is an example, are comparatively benign. In an all out panderflip, after all, a politician is telling a group of voters "You're the boss." He's treating them with respect. Too often Kerry practices a different, more fraudulent, kind of pander--e.g. ostentatiously declining limited PAC contributions while loading up on unlimited "soft" money--that treats voters as imbeciles who are easily fooled."

Favorite quote about Edwards, by William Kristoll: "There's not a single Republican I've talked to in Washington who's not more worried about John Edwards than John Kerry."


Bush 100%
Edwards 60%
Kerry 53%


My wife is a little to the right of Pat Buchanan politcally and it said she was 100% Sharpton and 95% Kuchy. Only 39% Bush. Strange.