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tuesday:dips between chairs,hindu pushups,running a lot,squats,frogstand,iron cross,pullups,one leg squats,shadow punching

THURSDAY:hindu squats,handstand pushups,lunges,jump squats,t-drill,cone drill,run a lot,shadow punching

saturday:same as tuesday

monday:same as thursday


what are your goals? This might be a decent routine for developing speed for martial arts, but it's not going to give you much in the size/strength department.


my goal is strenghth endurance speed and definently agility


i'm 11 years old. i'm too young to weight train


Sounds like a reasonable plan then. Maybe add some cleans or snatches.


Ah, 11. I don't think you're too young to weight train, but what you're doing now sounds great :slight_smile:

Don't worry about the cleans/snatches. Great that you're starting so young! Good job.


i'm training by myself to become a martial artist


That's going to be tough! It's much easier to learn from someone in a class or one-on-one, even for experienced martial artists.

Good luck though!


i kind of have a coach. he will get me there.


my brother


Well I dont know enought to rate your routine but I wanted to say that what your doing is great. I am impressed with your ability to set a goal and work twards it by seeking help. I wish you great success!!!


Iron cross? handstand push-ups? Progressing to a planche? 11? Wow. Congrats.


thanks any advice?



Wow. Is this the youngest T-Nation member we have?

Can I call you SamuraiExtreme? No Diapers/No bullpoo!

Seriously though, youre so fricking lucky to be here at such a young age. Unless of course youre really a 35 yr old pedophile trying to lure other 11 yr old boys to play ninja. Then you should die.

But besides that man, youre a lucky kid, trust me. You probably will never experience a wasted year of training and never have to think twice about where to get advice from.

Good luck and when youre shadow boxing be careful not to dislocate your shoulder.



am i working my whole body? i do a lot of total gym to and i do the 200 rep ab ribber from power 90.


my stats:85lbs. 4'9 chest 29",and arms not flexed 12",


I say troll. Who at 11 knows his "stats"?


:open_mouth: MY ARMS ARE 11.5 UNFLEXED :open_mouth:
Ab ribber? wtf is that?


actually it's ab ripper from power 90.


its awesome secramour1