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Rate Program for Push/Pull Balance

Day 1

Bench 4 x 10-12
Incline db press 3x10-12
Incline bench 3x10-12
Chest fly 3x10-12

Shoulder press 4x10-12
Upright row 3x10-1
Lateral raise 3x10-12

Bb shuts 3x10-12

Day 2

Pull downs 4x10-12
Rows 4x10-12

I think you could still be doing with more pull. You are still doing 20 sets of push to 8 sets of pull (not including upright rows, which are kind of borderline). Get another couples of variations of rows in there and maybe rear delt flyes.


Pulldowns 4x10
Barbell Row 4x10
Inverted Row: 3x15
Rear delt flyes: 3x15

That way you ensure adequate volume and that you hit your back from a variety of angles.

I’m no expert though!