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Rate Please! New to this Site

Most recent picture. In this pic I was 221lbs at the height of 6’1
In high school I was 175lbs…

The only thing I took was creatine and whey protein. Im looking to put
more size on but also looking to cut up… please criticize! ha

Required pics would be nice and more people will rate you. You look great. I would suggest not to try to bulk up and cut at the same time. Ur fairly lean so i would say keep bulking for a while.

upper body is pretty impressive, however, like he said ^ post required pics for a more beneficial/accurate rating.

thanks! like i said im new to this so I’ll be getting more on here for sure! positive or negative… anything helps me! thanks again!

from that pic alone, chest seems to be lagging compared to delts/arms/traps

those shorts low enough for ya?