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Rate Physique And Brand New Posters


Anyone else notice that a whole bunch of the posts on the "rate my physique" forum are guys with 1, 2, or 3 posts?

Does anyone really believe they just happened to sign up on this site, and find that forum and post their pictures?

Smells like trolls to me. I think one already had a pic of a good physique, then later changed the picture.

Can't the IP addresses be traced? I don't know what to do after tracing the address, but maybe calling them out on their threads so everyone else isn't getting fooled.


I could have told you that was going to happen. Whoever came up with that idea may want to rethink it. It will soon be a joke with nothing but pages of "hot or not" posts from trolls and people who just started lifting.


I think you are a little paranoid.

It's no different in quantities as before..there are a couple of guys who are built very well at the same time...and you have your spikes in activity.


Yeah, I was pretty surprised when they changed PPP to "Rate My Physique". I thought it was obvious that it would turn into a hot or not knockoff.

On a similar note, I wish they'd put in a different sub-forum for article discussion.

I'm finding that putting up stickies in the 'Bodybuilding' forum just clutters everything up.

My $0.02, should the T-Nation powers-that-be value my opinion.


Maybe, but one post changed pictures, and another claims to not own a camera and only has one physique picture; one of him posing in what looks like a GNC or something.

What are the chances that a guy with that good of a build, and who clearly knows how to pose, doesn't have any other physique pictures and also doesn't have a camera?

I'm not saying it's impossible, but highly unlikely, IMO.


One more thing, I'm not saying they're all fake, or trolls, but the only other answer I could think of would be that changing the name of that forum, and adding a new rating system is what finally made the well built lurkers of this site start posting.

That's another thing that could be a coincidence, but it's unlikely to me.

Okay, I'm off my soap box for now. I need to go to bed anyway. :wink:


I ususally just skip any thread from that section, but decided to go look through it. It looks like there are at least a couple lurkers who have join dates from over two years ago. But for the most part, that whole section looks like a joke.

I never really had an opinion one way or another as far as posting pictures, but "rating" them just seems silly.


I agree.


That forum had degraded to "Hot or Not." Rather than stop the nonsense, they are encouraging it.

I predict in one year that no one who seriously trains will be on the forums. (Other than people who are paid to be on the forums, of course.)


I agree too.

I also think the beginners section should come back.


I unchecked T-Nation's Hot or Not forum so it would not show as an option on the left side of the screen.


I'm really beginning to favor a paid subscription membership for posting rights. I'm not beyond being talked out of it, but they could leave everything open and read only for everybody and non members could have their membership included with an order.

People who actually give a shit will join, and maybe in much higher numbers than they think while disruptive casual types/trolls will be unable to do their thing without parting with a bit o cash which most will not do.

Anybody who can afford a computer at all can afford 20 bucks a year for posting rights.

I would be elated for someone to propose any other solution while the site remains completely free, but I don't see it.

EDIT: this would also take care of the specter of who is or isn't legit in their desire to express their views here. Everybody able to post would be a paying member, not just regular Biotest buyers. This isn't even to mention the fact that the site would make some money.


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when it was PPP it seemed more suitable for posting sport orientated pictures competitions or training etc etc

as stated before its now got a tacky feel to it

additionally it has that slightly gay bodybuilding.com vibe about it, not that theres anything wrong with that


I completely forgot we had the ability to do that.

I just wish the new posts from the forums that are unchecked wouldn't show up in the home page.


Ya know what, im not sure how easy it would be to make that happen, but it would be nice if the forum topics that you left unchecked also didnt come up on the homepage.

And yeah, the rate my physique, it just reeks of a nambla sponsored hot or not at the moment.

I wake up this morning, and there are like 4 new threads, from 4 new people, with one picture a piece, and they are all sporting 6 star ratings.

And you know they havent been here for a while, because not one of them has made an EB3 reference, or even held up a sandal (since summer is approaching, i prefer to use this opposed to the usual sneaker) which i used to see as a type of peace offering to the T-Nation gods with first time picture posts



I second this proposal. Even a nominal fee of $5/year would filter out about 90% of the trolls. I've seen other sites do this.


I have been purposely staying out of that particular forum simply because I thought it would degenerate to a hot-or-not-fest, and I don't need to see that.

Well - I looked at some of them this morning, and I was not wrong.

I am all for a pay-to-post system, be it an annual fee, or credits via Biotest purchases, or what ever.

Why can't the hot-or-not crap be moved to the members' profile area, so that innocent people are not subjected to such offensiveness?


I agree. He took a pic of some bodybuilder at GNC and put it up.

Looks like aa troll job.


I dunno~...

I happened to just post on this myself in that section about this exact thing. Seems a bit hinky to me that there are suddenly seven or so hunks-to-be posting. A couple seem to be legit but...