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Rate of Natural Muscle Growth vs Steroids?

Can anyone point me towards a study/article on the rate of lean muscle growth naturally compared to on steriods?

Thank you.


It depends on SO MANY factors!!!

Anything general assuming a good diet and maybe 5x5 strength n size routine.

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A novice or intermediate training naturally might well gain more retained muscle in a week – if it’s an unusually great week, I don’t mean on a routine basis – then an advanced individual improves his peak condition in an entire year with a number of cycles.

E.g., Lee Haney averaged 3 lb muscle gain per year in his years as Mr Olympia.

A novice or intermediate training naturally having a great week may, not often but sometimes, accomplish that in one week.

So the idea that one can specify “Anything general assuming a good diet and maybe 5x5 strength n size routine” and get some kind of answer that is a general truth, is being come up with under some assumptions that are not so.

Even if we were to narrow the question down to "Suppose we had identical twins with identical training experience and being trained identically,

But now one of them is on this exact program of anabolic steroids and the two of them are on these exact programs of diet and training: how many times faster would the twin on steroids gain muscle?" there STILL is not a numeric answer to that.

Not merely for there being no such research but because the results would, absolutely no doubt, be all over the map rather than any consistent multiplication factor.

The body just does not work by doing calculations like this and responding accordingly.